PlayStation RPG favourite Final Fantasy IX is coming to iOS and Android

Wait, what happened to VIII?

PlayStation RPG favourite Final Fantasy IX is coming to iOS and Android
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Square Enix has revealed that PS1 favourite Final Fantasy IX (that's 9 for those not versed in numerals) is coming "soon" to iOS and Android.

The game follows the young thief Zidane, who gets wrapped up in a battle between nations. You'll join up with others to defeat the war-mongering Queen Brahne of Alexandria and her mysterious pals.

It's got a more traditional style than the other PS1 Final Fantasy games, and harkens back to classic role-players by reviving the character class concept.

It's got some fresh ideas, though, like the Active Time Events where you can see events unfolding at different locations to track characters and grab special items.

Final Fantasy IX

This remastered mobile edition will come with high-definition visuals, new achievements, an auto-save function, a high-speed mode, and "several game boosting features".

Famitsu's got the first screenshots, and the game's official site will let you know if your smartphone is tough enough to run the game.

Seeing as Square's last mobile port was the "masterpiece" Final Fantasy 7, we're not sure why Square has skipped Final Fantasy VIII, but you can at least play that game's terrific mini-game, Triple Triad, inside the Final Fantasy Portal app.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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