[UPDATE] Android version of FIFA 12 to be Xperia Play-exclusive until February 2012

One-nil to Android

[UPDATE] Android version of FIFA 12 to be Xperia Play-exclusive until February 2012
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[UPDATE: The original version of this story stated that FIFA 12 will be wholly exclusive to Xperia Play for a limited time. We've since learned that only the Android version will be exclusive to Xperia Play, and that the exclusivity period will end on February 21st, 2012.]

Sony Ericsson has announced through a press release that the Android version of the next iteration of EA's FIFA franchise will be available exclusively on the Xperia Play for a limited time.

This year's release is said to contain improved gameplay depth, authentic commentaries, updated squad lists for the world's greatest teams – Everton are, therefore, obviously not included - and an all-new replay system.

Thanks to the PlayStation-certified smartphone's 'dedicated graphical processing unit' and an 'optimised memory bandwidth', FIFA 12 on the Xperia Play will run at an impressive 60fps.

Strike the ball early

Speaking on the game, Sony Ericsson's head of market development Dominic Neil-Dwyer said, “FIFA 12 will undoubtedly be one of this year’s most popular games and Xperia Play consumers will be able to master it before any other Android users.”

“Adding to a portfolio of quality games for Xperia Play, FIFA 12 adapts perfectly to the device and delivers the best football experience on Android.”

FIFA 12 for Xperia Play is expected this holiday season.
Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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