FIFA 12 and NBA Jam arrive on Android


FIFA 12 and NBA Jam arrive on Android
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EA has dropped us a line to say that two of the publisher's most well-known sporting franchises have finally arrived on Android: FIFA 12 and NBA Jam.

FIFA 12 shouldn't need much of an introduction to our UK and European readers, who've probably already bought the game on the home consoles, anyway (going by its frankly scary sales figures).

Still, for the uninitiated, FIFA 12 is the latest version of the amazingly successful football / soccer franchise, with updated graphics, better controls, and more realistic gameplay than previous editions on mobile.

We liked it a lot when it was originally released on iOS, so unless something terrible happened during the porting process, we'd expect this Android version to sate the desires of all you ardent footy fans out there.

In a jam

NBA Jam, meanwhile, will likely mean little to most of our UK and European readers, no doubt to the chagrin of our cousins across the Atlantic.

It's a less realistic, and much more bombastic, take on everyone's favourite squeaky trainers game than, say, NBA 2K12, with officially licensed players sporting heads that look like they could topple off the body at any second.

The fast-paced and arcade-oriented gameplay managed to earn NBA Jam a bronze medal on iOS, with its lack of online multiplayer (still missing in this version) being one of the few major fouls committed on court.

Both titles are available now on Google Play, with FIFA 12 priced at £4.15 [buy], and NBA Jam rolling in at £2.99 [buy].

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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