FIFA 12 coming to 3DS this autumn with ‘first ever 3D Street Football'

Feature set is ‘largest ever for a handheld football game’

FIFA 12 coming to 3DS this autumn with ‘first ever 3D Street Football'
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EA Sports has today confirmed that the latest edition of its flagship football franchise will be hitting Nintendo's 3DS this autumn.

FIFA 12 arrives with eight different game modes, said to be the publisher’s most expansive feature set for a handheld football title.

Included in the list is the first ever 3D Street Football mode. The five-a-side game features a curved pitch and a different camera perspective to enhance the image depth.

Elsewhere, new – and entirely optional – touchscreen controls allow you to hit accurate strikes by tracing the ball’s intended path for set-pieces and even regular shots.

The 3DS version will feature over 500 licensed clubs and 50 official football competitions in the game’s Tournament mode. You can also compete against friends and others online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and tackle the game’s extensive Career mode as player or manager.

The popular Be A Pro mode is also included, and you’ll be able to view the action from nine different camera angles.

FIFA 12 already has some serious competition on 3DS with Konami’s PES 2011 3D providing a very solid game of handheld footy, albeit one light on modes and options.

It looks like EA Sports will offer a vastly improved feature set compared to its rival, but can it compete where it counts: on the pitch?

We’ll have to wait until autumn to find out, but in the meantime you can see how FIFA 12 is shaping up from the screenshots in our gallery.

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Chris Schilling
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