FIFA 07 on DS enables you to sing when you're winning

Nifty user chants feature to put console's mic to good use

FIFA 07 on DS enables you to sing when you're winning
| FIFA 07

The DS has been a second division player in the world of sports sims, with game developers either unwilling or unable to coax a truly great performance out of the handheld.

Often, as for instance with last year's FIFA, it feels as if they've settled upon simply transferring a few features in from home console or PSP versions, rather than trying to mould something deservedly special around Nintendo's unique console.

So it's encouraging to hear Electronic Arts promising to lavish more specific attention on the DS incarnation of FIFA 07. And 'hear' is most definitely the operative word, as one of the most interesting features being implemented into the new version of the footie franchise will be user-generated chants – a first for football games.

By making use of the in-built microphone, DS players will be able to record their own voice and mix in authentic sound effects to create unique custom cheers that can then be played back upon demand.

It's a simple idea in essence, but it could prove a real winner to fans, who can now sing their favourite terrace anthems, cheer heroes or abuse refs and overpaid import players in the digital realm as well as real-life.

Just as encouraging, of course, are the tweaks being applied to the on-pitch action. The most notable of these is a new Touch Run feature, which will enable you to send your attackers sprinting into space and generally outfox the defence at set-pieces.

Let's hope FIFA 07 on DS is truly something to shout about – in more ways than one – when it arrives in October. See EA's extensive FIFA site for more information, and stay tuned via 'Track It!' for our review.

Chris James
Chris James
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