Tweet for Tat: Review iPhone games on Twitter, win stuff

Tweet to win prizes that money just won't buy

Tweet for Tat: Review iPhone games on Twitter, win stuff

Being a powerful media empire, Pocket Gamer gets all kinds of free stuff landing on its epic-sized doormat. Our gallant leader Chris James sleeps in the corner of the office on a giant bean bag in the shape of a Bluetooth headset, while editor Rob Hearn makes the tea from rare mushrooms grown for Super Mario Bros games.

A tonne of tat

But we're drowning in all this tat*, and want to push some of it off onto you, the punter. So we're launching a new weekly features called 'Tweet for Tat', in which you're invited to spread your own micro-reviews across the Twitterverse of any game found within Pocket Gamer's pages.

The best one each week will get a special prize that money just won't buy.

To Tweet for Tat, choose your game, go to Twitter, enter the text @PocketGamer #PGreview (this is required so we can track the entries) and tell the world about the game in the remaining 100 or so characters. We'll pick a winner each week, and DM you for details on where to send the tat.

Tweets mean prizes

You might have missed last week's Tweet 4 Tat, when we gave away an original Ford Cortina in the shape of Sonic The Hedgehog, but we've got an even better prize for next week: A Beneath A Steel Sky comic signed by Dave Gibbons, Charles Cecil and Tony Warriner!


The Pocket Gamer team has put a few examples together to show you how it's done, and here's the requirements again for submitting your micro-review to Pocket Gamer's Tweet 4 Tat.

How to enter Tweet 4 Tat
  1. Choose a game to review that's already been reviewed on Pocket Gamer.
  2. Sign in to your Twitter account, and begin your Tweet for Tat review with the following text so we can track it: @PocketGamer #PGreview
  3. Be clever, pithy, belligerent, amusing, strange or rude (bearing in mind we need to be able to print it) and concise about your chosen game.
  4. Finish it with a score out of 10, in the format "8/10".
  5. Wait for next week's Tweet for Tat feature to see if you've bagged the tat.

Tweet 4 Tat examples by the Pocket Gamer minions

@TheTomLove #PGreview Sniper vs. Sniper: Online: Vasily Zaytsev eat your heart out - 8/10

@FMacInnes #PGreview Doom Classic: door noises = Chuck Norris. Nostalgia levels = Kurt Russell. Controls = drunk Steven Seagal. 7/10

@summaecodex #PGreview Addicus: Like Brain Training, Addicus gets you adding up numbers but only in the correct colours. Pop those mushrooms. 7/10

@SpannerSpencer #PGreview Karnival: Like playing Monopoly on a Ouija board, or as though Brother Justin is about to have his way with you. 7/10

@MrRobHearn #PGreview Orbital: The glowing, sparking, bodypopping robot offspring of Geometry Wars and Gimme Friction Baby. 8/10

@jonmonkey #PGreview Blood Beach: Life’s a beach, then you have to single-handedly hold off the entire Japanese army. Fun though. 7/10

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* In using the word 'tat', we don't mean to disparage the lovely things we get sent. It's just a funny word and alliterates with 'Tweet' - ed
Spanner Spencer
Spanner Spencer
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