Top Tweets: Resident Evil 4 causes a pandemic on the iPhone...

...which is too busy being amorous to notice

Top Tweets: Resident Evil 4 causes a pandemic on the iPhone...

Starting the week with a virus is never a good thing. Unless of course it's the T-Virus, which is a gamer's cue to get excited about a subtle blend of schlock horror, zombies, adorably hammy acting and ultra-violence. In other words, the week in tweets began with news of Resident Evil 4 iPhone being released.

That preceded a review which was one of many featured throughout this week's Twitter output. We also
let loose our discovery of an iPhone app that measures sexual prowess. And you thought Twitter wasn't useful for broadcasting useful information - shame on you!

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11:54 AM Jul 27th from web

Spanner: Forget about swine flu - the T-Virus is back! Hands-on with Resident Evil 4 on the iPhone at Pocket Gamer

1:10 PM Jul 27th from TweetDeck
jonj: Next Pocket God update will be called Bait Master

4:42 PM Jul 27th from TweetDeck
jonj: Touch KO is a knockout 11:49 AM Jul 28th from web
Rob: Space Invaders Infinity Gene. If only it had come out last week - it could have gone in my retro article 1:36 PM Jul 28th from web
Rob: Hot damn, it's the latest Pocket Gamer podcast 4:16 PM Jul 28th from web
Space Invaders Infinity Gene iPhone review 11:28 PM Jul 28th from TweetDeck
jonj: spotted on the App Store - FIFA 10 and Madden NFL 10 coming to iPhone "soon". EA Sports in the game 3:47 AM Jul 29th from TweetDeck
jonj: Pork is down. Worms are up. Star Hogs' price slashed from $4.99 to 99c.. At No.63. $4.99 Worms at No.9 11:07 AM Jul 29th from web
Fraser: I never owned a Mega CD and Sonic CD was always 'the one that got away' for me. Praise be for the iPhone 11:08 AM Jul 29th from web
Rob: Monkey Island 2: Special Edition. I want it. I really want it 3:10 PM Jul 29th from web
Rob: Chinese government to block games that pose a threat to society's moral fabric. Don't ALL games do that? 3:13 PM Jul 29th from web
Rob: Metal Gear mobile review. Which, like many things this week, vindicates latest PG report on The Escapist 2:39 AM Jul 30th from TweetDeck
jonj: will line drawing game Heli Rescue collide with Flight Control? 11:21 AM Jul 30th from web
Rob: Passion. An app that lets you measure sexual ability and compare with others. I feared this day would come 1:06 PM Jul 30th from web
Rob: When I was at high school I didn't understand how Minesweeper works. How is this possible? 10:31 AM Jul 31st from web
Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon mobile review 12:18 PM Jul 31st from web
Rob: Mplayit launches iPhone Arcade in Facebook. You know, for video demos and whatnot 12:20 PM Jul 31st from web
Rob: The 5 best Flight Control-inspired games. New species created, evolution rapid, a wonder to behold 3:42 AM Aug 1st from TweetDeck
jonj: strapline of the week goes to Damien: Dream Day Wedding 2, I now pronounce you hide and seek