Top 25 best free iPhone games of 2009

The only thing better than a free game is 25 free games

Top 25 best free iPhone games of 2009

As Old Man 2009 puts his boots on, he’ll undoubtedly have left behind him a host of new iPhones and iPod touches beneath our Christmas trees, and newcomers to the App Store will be keen to figure out what their hot new hardware can do for free.

So we’ve been chinwagging around the Pocket Gamer office to figure out which freebies have had the most touchscreen time on our collective iDevices.

Below is a list of 25 of our favourite freebies of 2009, and the perfect place to kick start your app addiction without dipping into your Christmas-ravaged wallet.

Got any other suggestions you’d like to add to our free games list? Tell us about them in the comments at the bottom, but try and stick to free games rather than Lite versions. That’s a story for another day.

In no particular order:

25 top free games of 2009

Urban Rivals
By Boostr A beautiful looking strategic trading card game with over 7 million players battling it out, fantasy style. App Store link
F.A.S.T. - Fleet Air Superiority Training
By SGN A jet fighter flight sim that rivals anything seen on the PC, and recently went free with the option of in-app purchases for new planes and missions. Intense and complex, but immensely impressive. App Store link
By Side Hobby A location-based MMO in which you stalk and kill other iPhone users in your immediate, real world vicinity. With a huge number of players, this is a great way to feed your gaming addiction while out an about (particularly good in city centres). App Store link
Underworld: SweetDeal
By A-steroids This location-based MMO had difficulties getting onto the App Store due to its drug references, but the remastered version - which swaps cocaine for confectionary - is as funny as it is addictive. Just like cocaine, I suppose. App Store link
Space Deadbeef
I.D.P. Despite its obscure title, this is an arcade quality shmup with some outstanding core gameplay mechanics. The iPhone world is waiting excitedly for the developer to expand this into a full, exhilarating shoot-‘em-up. App Store link
MazeFinger Plus
ngmoco There aren’t many games with a title as descriptive as this one. As you might expect, the game involves you tracing your finger around 1,000 lightning fast mazes in a great looking, intensive puzzle game. App Store link
Tap Tap Revenge 2.6
Tapulous Music/rhythm gameplay is the major phenomenon of the games industry in 2009, and Tap Tap Revenge has taken the lead in the iPhone finger-tapping stakes. With over 100 free songs to drum your fingers along to, this is the ideal game for the music loving player.

App Store link
Skies of Glory
By SGN A World War II edition of F.A.S.T., packing in all the intricacies of flying those basic yet highly manoeuvrable aircraft against the German war machine. Also uses in-app purchases, but the core free game has a lot to offer. App Store link
Eliminate Pro
ngmoco Since the App Store launched developers have been fighting to deliver the ultimate online multiplayer shooter experience. Although it demands you follow the in-app purchases to get deeply involved, this is a great example of intense online iPhone FPS gaming. App Store link
SEED 1 – Rise of Darkness
Chillingo If an old skool, explorative RPG sounds appealing, SEED provides everything you could want from exotic manga artwork to hundreds of characters, missions and skills in a fleshed-out fantasy world. App Store link
Real Racing GTI
Firemint Rather than just give away a Lite version of its astonishingly impressive racing game, Firemint teamed up with Volkswagen to deliver a small, but complete driving game that rivals anything in this App Store genre - including full price games. App Store link
TouchPets Dogs
ngmoco The evolution of the cyber pet has never been as complete or entertaining as TouchPets, and is a great way to give someone a pet for Christmas without feeling guilty. App Store link
Spider: Hornet Smash
Tiger Style Spider is one of the most innovative and popular games on the App Store, and this free arcade spin-off provides all the spills and thrills of the explorative insect games as you spin webs and pounce on hornets. App Store link
Paper Toss
Backflip Studios Pocket gaming is the perfect way to waste time around the office, and Paper Toss takes that to a new levels as you eke away the work hours perfecting your balled up paper basketball skills. App Store link
Traffic Rush
Donut Games Although playing in a busy crossroads might not sound like a great idea, controlling the endless onslaught of traffic while avoid crashes is insanely addictive on the iPhone. App Store link
A Quest Of Knights Onrush
Chillingo What began as a castle defence game quickly evolved into a first class scrolling beat-‘em-up. There are far too few of this type of game on the App Store, but fortunately this is a terrific and playable example of what fighting games could be on iPhone. App Store link
Storm 8 Getting involved in the MMO criminal underworld is a very popular pastime on the social gaming platforms (like iPhone) and iMobsters is a great way to decide whether you’d make a godfather or a goon. App Store link
The Deep Pinball
OOO Gameprom Pinball simulators have been gradually replacing the real thing since the early 90s, and iPhone provides a beautiful pocket platform for virtual pins and bumpers. Not only is The Deep a firstrate example of a digital pinball machine, it’s on permanent free-play. App Store link
Waterslide Extreme
Dare Digital Although you’d be forgiven for thinking a game branded by a bank would be one big, dreadful advert, this unique racing game proves that a bit of corporate funding can make for some superb freebie gaming. App Store link
Fictorial A lot of pocket gaming takes place in the pub, and considering that dartboards are becoming increasingly endangered species in the local boozer, this is the ideal way to chuck an arrow while having a pint. App Store link
Heli Rescue
Distinctive Developments Ad-supported games aren’t always very popular, but in the case of titles like Heli Rescue it’s the perfect method of providing a highly imaginative line-drawing game without the price tag attached. App Store link
Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition
Adult Swim A bit of gross out humour is the perfect way to unwind at Christmas, and Adult Swim delivers a devilish touchscreen controlled rendition of the classic boardgame Operation, with a bit of extra blood on its seasonal funny bone. App Store link
UFO Kidnapped
By Dim Sum Game This hilarious game turns the tables by putting you in charge of the alien invasion fleet, abducting unsuspecting humans from around the globe while trying not to overload your spaceship. App Store link
Playmesh Online virtual farming has become a global phenomenon, with millions upon millions of players taking to the digital fields. This free iPhone take on the concept provides plenty of depth and lots of fresh earth for you to be productive in. App Store link
Head Hunter: Holiday Edition
Rabbit Vs. Robot As gross as it might sound, this decapitation-based take on bagatelle is a great freebie that requires you to carefully flick a severed head around the pins to score points and ward off other playful trespassers. App Store link