Top 10 best horror franchises we want to see on iOS and Android

Scared stiff

Top 10 best horror franchises we want to see on iOS and Android

This week, children across the globe have being dressing up in silly costumes, trudging through neighbourhoods knocking on doors, and stuffing their faces full of sticky candy all in the name of Halloween.

Here at Pocket Gamer Towers, we like to do things differently.

Instead of 'celebrating' All Hallows' Eve by braving the cold and damp, we decided to sit down with a pumpkin-infused Mountain Dew and a bag of Tangy Cheese Doritos to compile a list of the horror franchises we'd love to play on our iOS and Android devices.

Here are our top ten...

Project Zero / Fatal Frame

The Project Zero (or Fatal Frame, if you're one of our transatlantic cousins) franchise is, hands down, one of the most terrifying gaming series out there.

If you're unfamiliar with this gaming property, let me enlighten you. In each Project Zero title, you are pitted against blood-curdling spirits and otherwordly beings, which you have to dispatch using a camera.

An iOS and Android spin-off could take advantage of the accelerometer and gyroscope found in later models of iPhone and various 'droid devices, and also utilise augmented reality for extra chills.

Resident Evil

As you probably know, there are already a number of Resident Evil games available for mobile devices. To be quite frank, though, they're ruddy underwhelming.

What do we want, then? Well, for starters, we'd love a port of Deadly Silence, which was released on the Nintendo DS to commemorate the franchise's tenth anniversary.

Hey, we'd settle for Game Boy Color title Resident Evil Gaiden, though.

Silent Hill

Again, there's already a Silent Hill game available for smartphones - specifically, for iOS-powered blowers. Again, though, it hasn't really set the portable gaming world alight.

The original Silent Hill, which debuted on Sony's PlayStation back in 1999, would work brilliantly on a device like the iPad, though controls might prove to be an issue.

So, a whole new title built for buttonless devices, thank you very much, Konami.


If you're yet to play Amnesia: The Dark Descent, we suggest you grab it from Steam, whack on a pair of headphones, and take it for a whirl in the dark.

Believe me: it's a terrifying experience.

There are no weapons in Amnesia, which is the reason it's so scary. You have to rely on hiding, your wits, some good old-fashioned running, and a bit of luck to survive.

Dino Crisis

The Dino Crisis franchise, in case you've never played it, is basically the Resident Evil franchise, only with bone-crunching dinosaurs in place of flesh-eating zombies.

Capcom only published three Dino Crisis games (not including a spin-off entitled Dino Stalker), and the latest release came out all the way back in 2003.

It's definitely time for another chapter of Regina's adventure.


It's shocking that we're yet to see a proper Castlevania game pop up on our iOS and Android-powered devices. The franchise's side-scrolling nature seems a perfect fit for touch-enabled screens.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles, which was a collection for the PSP that featured remakes of Rondo of Blood and its sequel Symphony of the Night, would be a great start.

Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve games are probably best described as 'action-RPGs games infused with horror elements', rather than 'straight up scare-fests', but they do feature monsters and other supernatural baddies, and that's good enough for me.

These games feature a battle system similar to Square's Vagrant Story. So, while the fights aren't turn-based, you are allowed to pause the action in order to properly plan a course of action.

Alone in the Dark

If you're one of our younger readers, you probably won't have much interest in the Alone in the Dark franchise. Eden Games's awful 2008 Xbox 360 outing will have made sure of that.

Anyway, the series itself follows paranormal investigator Edward Carnby as he, well, investigates the paranormal.

The Alone in the Dark franchise is often cited as the 'forefather' of survival-horror games.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower is a series of survival-horror point-and-click adventure titles in which you are tasked with solving puzzles and hiding your skinny rump from creatures.

Point-and-click adventures like these are perfectly suited to buttonless gizmos like the iPhone and Android-powered devices, so we would like to see ports of all four Clock Tower titles.

Pretty please.

Sweet Home

Psychological horror role-playing title Sweet Home was released in Japan in 1989, and served as the main inspiration for Resident Evil.

In fact, Resident Evil borrowed many of the game's elements, including its mansion setting, puzzles, and item-management system.

Sweet Home is based on a Japanese horror film of the same name, by the way. Lovely stuff.
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