Top 10 best games for the iPhone 5 and fifth-gen iPod touch

4 inches and proud

Top 10 best games for the iPhone 5 and fifth-gen iPod touch

Apple's new iPhone 5 features a 4-inch widescreen display, which is, of course, a little bit larger than its predecessors'.

Basically, it means there's a bit more screen real estate for developers to play around with.

Which, in turn, means that developers need to update their existing apps and games to support the new display. Otherwise, said apps are displayed in between two black borders.

While lots of devs have already updated their titles, lots more haven't. These are ten of the best games from the updated pool.

Check out our round-up of games that have been optimised for the iPhone 5's 4-inch display for more, by the way.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
By Capybara Games - buy for iPhone and iPad

It's almost impossible to pen an iOS-themed top ten article and not include the Silver Award-winning audio-visual adventure treat that is Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery.

Its Zelda-esque gameplay and pixel-art graphics are just so lovable, after all.

Mikey Shorts
By BeaverTap Games - buy for iPhone and iPad

If you want a platformer that's packed full of content, Mikey Shorts is the disguise-filled iPhone game for you.

Thanks to a fairly recent update, Mikey Shorts now features 96 different levels (spread across two game modes and six unique environments), and 164 items of clothing that you collect as you play.

Minecraft - Pocket Edition
By Mojang - buy for iPhone and iPad

Minecraft is arguably one of the world's most well-known games. In this mobile version, just like in its PC counterpart, you can craft almost anything your imagination can conjure up.

Not too fond of the franchise's infamous Creepers? Turn Peaceful mode on and you can concentrate on crafting.

The Amazing Spider-Man
By Gameloft - buy for iPhone and iPad

Watched the Andrew Garfield movie? Want to relive its action-packed sequences and ensure that the Lizard and his minions don't reign supreme? Well, now's your chance.

As expected, you can climb, jump, and web sling your way through 25 thug-filled levels, which are spread across five districts of the real-world New York City.

By Illusion Labs - buy for iPhone and iPad

In this interesting puzzler from the guys behind Labyrinth, you are tasked with saving a strange race of critters called the Boxies, who've been scattered across stages made of wood, metal, fabric, stone, and plastic.

You'll need bombs, teleporters, rebuilders, colourisers, portals, and plenty of other gadgets in order to make it through all 80 mind-bending levels.

Squids Wild West
By The Game Bakers - buy for iPhone and iPad

This underwater action-RPG sees you build a team of action-loving squids, and send them into dangerous turn-based battles against the corrupt crabs and shrimps that are standing between you and a fallen comrade.

In this title, you are able to sync your progress between your numerous iOS-powered devices, which is a feature that's - sadly - missing from a lot of iPhone and iPad games.

Pocket Planes
By NimbleBit - download for iPhone and iPad

Your aim in Pocket Planes is to create your very own airline empire from scratch; expand your new business by purchasing airports in cities all across the world; and rake in some serious cash.

If you own a Mac, you can also download Pocket Planes from the Mac App Store, sync your progress through Game Center, and gain access to an exclusive jet.

Jetpack Joyride
By Halfbrick - download for iPhone and iPad

Strap on a jetpack, collect power-ups, avoid traps, and maybe high five some scientists along the way. What more is there to say?

In Halfbrick's endless-runner, you just have to fly as far as you possibly can. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. Your path is littered with obstacles and hazards.

By BitMonster - buy for iPhone and iPad

Lili, which Apple flashed up on-screen at the firm's recent iPhone 5 event, is a gorgeous-looking adventure-RPG hybrid title in which you explore an island called Geos.

You'll have to challenge several oppressive regimes along the way, but don't expect to be throwing punches. Instead, you utilise a rather strange "non-combat" system to achieve your goal.

Rayman Jungle Run
By Ubisoft - buy for iPhone and iPad

Rayman Jungle Run is one of the most attractive, colourful, and fun endless-running titles on the App Store. Basically, if you don't already own this game, you're a silly sausage.

Rayman's latest iOS adventure features 40 different levels - all of which are tied to Game Center leaderboards.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
Having flirted with a career in Forensic Science, Anthony left university to pursue other interests. These mostly consisted of video games which he has been fond of ever since popping Super Mario World into his SNES. Numerous gaming platforms and endless hours of button bashing have passed following that moment, with iOS taking the crown as his current favourite.