The Qi Report: These are the best iOS games of the last 3 months

According to top mobile reviewers

The Qi Report: These are the best iOS games of the last 3 months

Our sister site Quality Index (Qi) is all about finding the most critically acclaimed iPhone and iPad games.

For each iOS game that comes out, Qi tracks the review scores from all the top mobile sites and then squishes those scores down into one, definitive, Qi rating.

So, what games have come out on top in the last three months? These are the top rated iPhone and iPad games from the Q2 2015.

1. Implosion (9.4 Qi rating, 7 reviews)
By Rayark Inc.

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There was a lot of talk of Implosion being the answer to AAA console gaming on mobile but, in other words that actually mean something, Implosion is a really good hack and slasher with some decent visuals, voice acting, and touch controls.

2. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions (9.3 Qi rating, 9 reviews)
By Activision Publishing

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It's great to see a huge console publisher like Activision chart so highly on the list and Geometry Wars 3 definitely deserves its place here. It's a shooter with first-rate visuals and intense, silky-smooth gameplay.

3. iPad Only: Legend of Grimrock (9.1 Qi rating, 7 reviews)
By Almost Human

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The iPhone and iPad lists are usually pretty similar but in third place we have the finest Western RPG to ever grace the iPad. Those words won't seem so bold once you've played it - especially if you're a fan of Eye of the Beholder or the Wizardry series.

4. A Day in the Woods (9.1 Qi rating, 4 reviews)
By RetroEpic Software

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A Day in the Woods is an incredibly charming tile-sliding puzzler that puts you into the flappy wings of a magical sprite who must help Little Red Riding Hood get home to granny before a bear or the Big Bad Wolf himself eats her.

5. iPad Only: Gunpowder (9.0 Qi rating, 3 reviews)
By Rogue Rocket Games

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Another iPad-exclusive, Gunpowder challenges you with helping the hero Incendio to lay down lines of gunpowder to blow up Boss Grimshaw's piggy banks.

The rest
Pos. Game Reviews Qi rating
6 Door Kickers (iPad only) 4 8.9
7 Attack the Light 4 8.9
8 Armadillo Gold Rush 3 8.9
9 You Must Build A Boat 9 8.8
10 Halo Spartan Strike 6 8.8
11 Desktop Dungeons (iPad only) 5 8.8
12 Fearless Fantasy 5 8.8
13 Capitals 3 8.7
14 Her Story 7 8.6
15 Sproggiwood 5 8.6
16 One More Dash 3 8.6
17 Dungeon Link 3 8.6
18 Wrassling 3 8.6
19 MLB Manager 2015 3 8.6
20 Does not Commute 7 8.5