Say hello to your new and improved Pocket Gamer

What to expect from our shiny new site

Say hello to your new and improved Pocket Gamer

You may have noticed that Pocket Gamer is looking a little different these days. And there's a good reason for that - we're finally giving the place a lick of paint and making it look more beautiful than ever before.

We've always been more focused on content over style on our site. But the old place was looking, well, old. So our super-talented website folks have ripped up the old design and put together a modern, sleek, beautiful new look that we're super proud of. We absolutely love it.

But change is scary, and you might not understand what's going on here. Fear not! We've put together this super quick guide to help you understand the changes and what to expect from our big relaunch.

Going Global

PocketGamer.co.uk is dead. Well, it isn't dead, but we're going for a more global feel now. From here on, we're PocketGamer.com.

Our new front page - isn't it beautiful?

It's a minor change, and you probably won't even notice it - all our old pages should redirect to their new homes, and any .co.uk links will automatically change to .com. Neat, right?

But if you've got us bookmarked and want to make sure you're definitely going to the right place, consider changing the .co.uk on your link to .com instead. We won't be moving again any time soon.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

The most obvious change is the look and feel of the site. Gone is the huge list of articles on the front page and tiny links off to other parts of the site. Now we've got huge images attached to every story, and less of them cluttering up the front page.

We've also reworked our sections - there's not too many people looking for N-Gage stories on the internet these days, though we still have them if you are! Instead, we're focusing on iOS, Android, and Switch as our main points of interest.

It's also more obvious where to go for all the latest news, reviews, videos, and more. And videos are more prominent than ever before on the front page - especially now that the AppSpy channel has become part of the Pocket Gamer brand too.

All our latest videos can be found at the bottom of the front page

We're still ironing out some early issues with the code, so if you see something wrong, don't panic! Our tech guys will be on the case. And if there's anything you think we can change or improve, drop us a comment in this article, or let us know on Facebook or Twitter. All thoughts and criticisms are appreciated!

Stars Over Scores

Our scoring system has been revamped as well. Gone are the big point scores from yesteryear - we're switching over to a star-based system.

What does this mean for you? Well, the underlying system is basically the same - a 7/10 is 3.5 stars these days - but it's a cleaner, fresher take on scoring.

Our scores are now stars, but they still mean the same thing

And don't worry, we'll still be handing out Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum awards for the best games we review - they've been given a slight facelift is all.

Hopefully it means you'll be able to get a clear idea of our feelings on a game at a glance. If nothing else, stars are much prettier than numbers.

Finder's Keepers

You may have noticed we now have a Game Finder on the site. This will help you dig through our database of games, letting you search alphabetically and by platform.

Find all the games you want with our Game Finder

This should make it easier for you to have a glance at the titles we're covering and find something new to play. Alongside our weekly round-ups of the latest games, sales, and updates, of course!

Something Old, Something New

If you're worried that Pocket Gamer is going to completely change, don't be. It's the same team and the same content going up, just with a new look.

So that's all the latest news about the biggest mobile games, expert reviews on as many titles as we can get our hands on, our fabulous lists of the top games to play, wonderful competitions, brilliant guides, fantastic features, and anything else we can think of that we think you'll like.

We're excited to get started on bringing you the absolute finest in mobile gaming writing and on a beautiful new site. We hope you're excited to come with us on this journey!