QuoteStars: Don your power suit, things be getting hot in here...

Can you say, 'flame bait'?

QuoteStars: Don your power suit, things be getting hot in here...

Flame bait (which for those not in the know is internet speak for something that is of an obviously inflammatory nature) is something we don’t tend to go in for here at Pocket Gamer. What starts out as an innocent family barbeque can easily escalate into something that resembles the ninth circle of hell after a napalm shower.

It’s a double edged sword, though, as flame bait can also coax some hilarious comments (even if the comic effect is unintentional in some cases) from the community.

Luckily, Klouud’s output on the flametastic ‘Did you know the iPhone is more powerful than the Wii’ comments thread, was humour of the entirely deliberate sort:

After reading this I decided to test this theory... I un-plugged my brother-in-law's Wii and stuck the cords into my iPhone. Works like a charm! "All you need to do is buy some Wii cables and an iPhone and you are in business! LOL!

Lol indeed Klouud, your sardonic quip has earned you a £5 iTunes gift voucher - spend it wisely.

Elsewhere there was dissent, derision, sarcasm and sense in equal measure in the comments thread for the ‘Apple: Jailbroken iPhones could be used for cyber-terrorism and drug dealing’ story. Vaga222 had this to say:

So Apple are saying they are knowingly providing people with a device that can easily be used for terrorist purposes? Obviously iPhones should no longer be allowed on planes unless they fit into a 100ml bottle! "Can anyone else point out a company who tried so
hard to _stop_ people from using their product?

Following on, Camzy took the facts to task with this rebuttal:

“This is a complete load of tosh. Why would someone choose to do it through an iPhone rather than a computer? It doesn't make it any easier or anything, Apple just wants complete domination over a device that is capable of more in the hands of the DevTeam.”

Good questions, people - that’s what we like. We also like measured responses so if your reply instincts are going all tingly at the thought of all this debate, be sure to sign up for a free Pocket Gamer account and dive into the discussion.

If your output is deemed worthy by the shadowy, cloaked beast that lives in the stationery cupboard (don’t ask us how he got there) who we’ve tasked with judging this feature, you could win a £5 iTunes voucher.

We should mention, that if there are any complications in you receiving your prize (if you live in a country where the local currency is not pounds sterling for example) then we are more than happy to offer equivalent prizes in voucher form for other retailers.

That’s all for now. Keep commenting people and check back next week for more QuoteStars.