The 'it could have been you' edition


They say all geniuses are drunkards, which means the active participants in our community are obviously members of the MENSA Institute Paint Drinkers’ Social Club.

Seriously, how can such a clearly brainy and insightful bunch be so absent minded? So many great comments and so few of them from registered accounts, despite gentle prompts from us throughout the week.

Remember, if you want to be in with a chance of winning a £5 iTunes gift voucher for supplying the best comment of the week in QuoteStars, you need to comment with a registered Pocket Gamer account. So to all of the commenters below, consider this the ‘it could have been you’ edition.

First to one of the week’s most controversial topics, the notorious Timothy Langdell and his lawsuits against Edge publisher Mobigame.

Kicking off in the comments thread for our story, Edge Games responds to Mobigame over Edge iPhone trademark dispute, the unregistered Monty had this to say:

I'm surprised "The Edge" from U2 and "Edge" the computer games magazine in the UK haven't entered the fray here.
and indeed any other company who use the word Edge in their products or company names. "This has to be one of THE most ridiculous game related legal cases i've ever read about. "I think both parties should be sent to bed early with no dinner. Oh sorry my mistake that's what you do with naughty children...

Who’s to know who said what at this stage, so hats off to Monty for coming right out and branding Edge-gate a farce. That £5 iTunes voucher could have been yours - never mind.

Yet more straight talking was to be had in the comments thread for, Obsolescence alert: Mad Monkey Studio to cater exclusively for the iPhone 3GS, with the aptly named, Common Sense, venturing:

“There must be a way to simply make one game, but have an option to enable advanced graphics on the 3GS, while making it playable for 3G/2G owners. Kind of like when it cames to PC games, where we get one game but depending on your graphics card etc you can enable more advanced effects, or is that just too sensible lol.”
You’d think Common Sense, you’d think. There have been plenty of other amusing and insightful comments dancing around our pages, but we just couldn’t resist this little gem from ant the brave in our Top 10 iPhone mash-ups we’d love to see article:

“how about a apple tablet and a car”

The delusional ravings of the mentally unsound, or the deliberate deadpan sarcasm of a comic genius? You decide.

That’s all from QuoteStars this week. Remember, if you want to be in with a chance of winning the £5 iTunes gift voucher that’s up for grabs every week, you need a registered account, which you can get here in mere moments.

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