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Oxya Origin launches Road to Genesis, the semi-open world roguelite, in private beta

Oxya Origin launches Road to Genesis, the semi-open world roguelite, in private beta

Bask in the grace of the mysterious Nayara force in the spiritual land of Naya, or marvel at the three moons that highlight the aurora borealis in Kryo. Discover the untapped beauty of the galaxy in Road to Genesis, the upcoming third-person shooter from Oxya Origin that melds both Web2 and Web3 elements into an engaging and lucrative experience.

A shared Oxya Origin asset ecosystem

As Road to Genesis launches its private beta on March 15th, you can expect to learn more about the overarching lore across Oxya Origin's titles. Road to Genesis, in particular, was crafted with UE 5.2 Lumen Nanite and generative AI tools in incubation at Ubisoft, ensuring a high-quality gameplay experience within the free-to-play third-person shooter.

Along with this, you can manage your assets on The Oxyan HQ strategy dashboard, an integral part of the Oxya Origin ecosystem. Currently in its Alpha phase, the dashboard lets you send your avatar on missions across the galaxy, recover loot from your expeditions, and use these resources to seize control of your Lands. The items you craft and upgrade can then be used to trade on the integrated marketplace.

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The Gatemap (3D Map), on the other hand, allows you to control a remote satellite in its Public Alpha phase on treasure hunts. The gamified experience also lets you compete in various challenges to score awesome in-game goodies.

Player ownership and user empowerment

Now with a thriving community that's 200,000 strong, Oxya Origin has garnered $7 million from mint via digital collectible avatars and over 13K ETH from secondary market sales. These have been invested back into the project to ensure the game's continuous development, making the most of AI and Machine Learning tools as well as Unreal Engine 5.

You can expect to earn a variety of rewards based on your rankings on the leaderboard during the beta. To add to the approachable nature of the game, Oxya Origin has also launched a special daily login bonus that will offer up the sought-after $OXYZ token based on daily engagement, which you can use to trade on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Play to earn, the more engaging way

Of course, while it might seem like grabbing tokens and in-game currency is hard work, you can easily gather these resources simply by playing - and enjoying - the game. Daily bonuses alone will help you nab $OGEM, and the same is true for earning Alkar, Steelvar, and Electrium. You can also take advantage of the special wheel that you can spin three times a day for more rewards. Web3 and Web2 elements come together in this way to help you enjoy a more integrated player-owned asset economy.

Does that sound like something you'd love to sink your teeth into? If you're eager to learn more, you can head on over to the official website for all the latest developments, and to learn more about how to join the Private Beta's three tiers (Mercenary Access for Key holders, Citizens Access for whitelisted wallets, and Federation Access for NFT owners).