PG's top 5 moments of the week - Tearaway, MFi controllers...

Scam apps! Toughest games! New apps!

PG's top 5 moments of the week - Tearaway, MFi controllers...

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This week, the next generation of console games became the current generation of games and the current generation became the last generation and the last generation became retro and, gosh, it's all very confusing.

Luckily, things are a lot more simple in the world of mobile gaming. New phones come out roughly every six nanoseconds, but real definable generational change is slow and gradual.

That doesn't mean there aren't any exciting shifts taking place, though.

This week, for example, gamers on iOS were handed a whole new way to play, as the first official controllers were released. You can read about those, and everything else that happened on PG in the last seven days, below.

The first official iOS game controllers hit shop shelves MOGA Ace Power

The tyranny of crappy touchscreen controls is over. The days of having your big meaty man thumbs obscure all the action are drawing to a close. This week, we got to see, try, and buy the first Apple-licensed iOS controllers.

There's the Logitech PowerShell. And there's the MOGA Ace Power, which we put through its paces earlier in the week.

We said: "The MOGA Ace Power is definitely a good piece of kit. The enormous battery lasts forever, the device is surprisingly comfortable to hold, and... the various buttons and analogue sticks feel great to use."

"But it's not without its problems and the controller suffers from unresponsive face buttons and uncooperative analogue sticks."

If you want to find out more, we've got an "everything you need to know"-style Explainer on the site, and a bumper list of the best compatible games.

A big bundle of new iOS and Android games came out Touchgrind Skate 2

Like during every week, an enormous number of new games came out on the various mobile app shops over the past seven days.

We've catalogued the cream of the crop in our list of the 10 best Android games and 17 best iOS games of the week.

Games on those lists include Touchgrind Skate 2, which we described as "a brilliant skate sim with a surprising depth"; and Shivah, which got a Gold Award for being "thought-provoking" and full of "terrific puzzles".

Tearaway for PlayStation Vita is no rip-off Tearaway

Microsoft launched the Xbox One this week, so games about murdering zombies and gutting Romans and shooting foreigners featured prominently in the news.

Luckily, the Vita had an antidote in the form of Tearaway, a lovely game where you can frolic about in a papercraft dreamland of creativity and wonder.

It walked away with a rare Pocket Gamer Platinum Award. Reviewer man Peter "The Vita" Willington called it "utterly phenomenal", and said "Tearaway is inventive and joyous in equal measures, making for one of the best adventures this year, on any platform."

We picked out the toughest games on mobile Super Hexagon

Think you're a video game master?

Call us back when you're top of the Game Center leaderboards on these 15 ultra-hard apps.

These are "rage-inducing, engrossing games that test your reflexes, memory, and dexterity". The list features games like Super Hexagon, Pivvot, Expander, and Impossible Road.

We helped you avoid scam apps on Google Play Google Play

A long time ago, we helped you identify scam apps on iTunes. But it's actually way more important to be vigilant when shopping on Google Play, for Android's open nature makes it easier for scam artists to fill your phone with dodgy (and dangerous) software.

To help keep you safe online, we identified some telltale signs that indicate a game is not what it seems. You should look out for the developer's name, the user reviews, and the size of the app, for example.

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