Get involved! The PG Community Round-up (30/09/13 - 14/10/13)

The most talked-about stories, biggest site announcements, and more

Get involved! The PG Community Round-up (30/09/13 - 14/10/13)
Every two weeks, I like to look back at the three big topics of conversation that got everyone talking over the past 14 days. And mention them here. This round-up represents the perfect opportunity for you to catch up on the latest happenings from around the world of Pocket Gamer. So, yeah, competitions you might have missed, big features we've launched. That sort of thing.

In this particular round-up... you debate whether Final Fantasy is too expensive, the likelihood of Mario on Microsoft mobiles, how IAPs now work differently on iOS, and more.

The Big Three

1. Square Enix believes you are "content" with the pricing of its games. You, ahem, disagree:

The company behind Final Fantasy thinks you're totally cool with paying the relatively high entry price for its games. Squeenix is incorrect about this assumption... if the comments on PG are anything to go by.

Curtisrshideler said, "I would have purchased them all if I was content paying these prices OR if the games were 50% of their asking price." Divisionbell echoed these sentiments: "No. No we're not. That's why I haven't bought a single one of their games yet."

S4ndm4n87 noted that "I know people will say they are worth the asking price and that's fine. We all put individual value on our purchases and for me I think they are asking too much when compared with other high-quality cheaper games. My two main examples are Bastion and GTA VC."

sleeper_service confessed that "I have emulators on my Android phone, unless these come in under $5 or so, I can't really justify it."

Malboardsworld called the company a phrase I won't repeat here. Needless to say, it wasn't entirely complimentary.

Might be time to re-think the pricing strategy, Squeenix...

2. You can play Mario games on Windows devices... sorta:

If you aren't already aware of this story, Microsoft stated that "If a company feels a Windows Store app is infringing on its copyrights or trademarks, it should report the app and we will take immediate action to determine if the app should be removed from the Windows Store."

Which, basically, translates as: "If there's a fake Mario game on our marketplace, it's up to Nintendo to tell us."

mr_bez agreed with Microsoft, saying that the company "might be able to spot a Mario clone because he's such a well-known character, but they're not going to spot rip-offs of lesser known games as easily. Nintendo's a big company with lots of resources that can spend time watching out for infringements. Why should they get special treatment...?"

Kroisos disagreed: "If they are getting paid, they are accepting the responsibility."

To which, mr_bez countered: "Is it the responsibility of the newsagent to check that every story in every newspaper they sell isn't libellous?"

3. Process for buying IAPs in iOS 7 is now slightly different:

Apple has fiddled with the in-app purchase mechanism in iOS 7. Well, fiddled with the order of a couple of pop-up screens, to be honest.

mw1 noted that it makes "no difference to me. It's either you want to buy something, and have to put in your password to confirm it, or you accidentally tapped 'Buy' something and want to back out. Either way, it doesn't matter in which order the pop-ups present."

Wiz_Odd didn't like the sound of the additional hassle: "Checking your passcode is fine - that's how the system can see if you've already bought the in-app purchase. For non-consumable things, it would be really nice to be able to see up front, without having to press 'buy' again."

Game developer edrijver agreed: "This is a very good point. We have received tons of email / 1-star reviews complaining about 'having to purchase an IAP twice' when in reality it would just unlock for free if they pressed 'buy' again."

Get stuck in!

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I'll be back with another community round-up in a fortnight.

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