Apple Arcade weekly update: Grindstone, Sociable Soccer, Explottens

Apple Arcade weekly update: Grindstone, Sociable Soccer, Explottens

So, there was no new Apple Arcade game this week. Instead, we were treated to several sizeable updates for existing games, including Grindstone, Sociable Soccer, and Explottens. 

There's not as much to dip into here as in previous weeks, but it's still always good to breakdown what exactly you're getting for your $4.99.

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Grindstone is a premium live-service game done right, by which I mean its post-launch support has constant and often excellent. It has to be one of the most regularly updated games on the service, so it's no wonder that Apple used it as an example of the types of games that will be published on Arcade going forward.

Its latest update adds a whopping 50 extra levels, daily challenges to take on, new blueprints to collect, and more. For a full rundown, best check out Stephen's news coverage from earlier today.

Sociable Soccer

Sociable Soccer has quickly become the premier arcade football game on mobile, with every new update bringing fresh thrills and added depth. The latest is no different.

In fact, it might be the game's biggest content drop to date, introducing what is essentially a guild system for competitive play, myriad UI and AI tweaks, and updated 2020 season data. Stephen put together a full preview featuring everything there is to know about the update, so I'd recommend giving that a read if you want a full overview.


On top of all that, Explottens also received a bumper update that adds an all-new island to explore – Katlantis.

This expands the end-game experience massively and throws plenty of fresh challenges your way across 3 new missions. Katlantis can be accessed once you've completed the first 30 missions.

And that's it for this week. Be sure to check in again next Friday when we'll hopefully have another batch of updates to share. See you then!

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