Farming Simulator 23 reveals first gameplay video ahead of global launch

Farming Simulator 23 reveals first gameplay video ahead of global launch

With just under three weeks to go for Farming Simulator 23’s release on Nintendo Switch and mobile, Giants Software has just showcased the first gameplay trailer for the game. It gives players a good look at how far we’ve come since the franchise’s inception 15 years ago. 23 aims to set a new benchmark for the genre with loads of new features and improvements.

It has been three years since Farming Simulator 23’s predecessor launched and since then the developers have been working on expanding gameplay opportunities for players. Farming Simulator is already pretty much the gold standard for these kinds of games and the upcoming title will take things even higher.

Like with all the editions, players are tasked with building and running a successful agricultural empire that employs farming, animal husbandry as well as forestry to succeed. Over 100 real-world vehicles have been carefully picked and digitized into authentic replicas which players can make use of. There are 14 different crops to harvest and multiple ways to expand business by selling flour and bread by optimizing the production chain.

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Farming Simulator 23 really expands on the animal husbandry aspect of gameplay as well. Players will be responsible for rearing many farm animals like cows, sheep, pigs, horses, and some newly added chickens as well. From milk to wool, to eggs, everything can be harvested and sold for a profit.

Furthermore, the game will also feature two maps with vastly different environments, one inspired by the USA, and the other, Europe. Each offers a completely different journey and requires unique approaches. What remains identical is the entertainment and relaxation that comes while playing the game.

Get ready to channel the inner farmer in your by pre-registering for Farming Simulator 23 by clicking on your preferred link below. The game releases on May 23rd and will be purchasable for $7.99.

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