Fantasy Town finally opens global pre-registration after successful soft launch in select regions

Fantasy Town finally opens global pre-registration after successful soft launch in select regions

Developer gamigo has announced that, following a successful soft launch in Spain and Nordic countries, global pre-registration for its new mobile farming simulation game - Fantasy Town - is now available. Fantasy Town will bring a new experience that features plenty of farming, exploration, RPG, and adventure game systems while also working on building up your own personal town and developing relationships with its inhabitants.

So, with a description like that, Fantasy Town is very clearly inspired by the legendary Stardew Valley, though there are a few key differences. For one, Fantasy Town’s art style is a more a cubic, Minecraft-esque style rather than the retro-2D look that Stardew sports. But beyond just surface level, Fantasy Town also gets you a bit more hands-on with your town rather than just being an inhabitant of it.

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This is because at the very start of the story you will take up the role of the Lord of your town, where you’ll have free reign to construct, upgrade, and manage whatever buildings you desire in whatever fashion you please. This will be handled alongside the farming mechanics to keep your citizens happy, fed, and satisfied with your rule.

But that’s not all, as you can also summon your citizens to come and explore the world with you, diving into deep dungeons and gathering up loot that will help you to further enhance your town. Special events will also be held regularly that reward participants and will spice the typical gameplay loop with minigames involving puzzles, runners, and tower building.

If all of this sounds up your alley, you can pre-register for Fantasy Town on Google Play and the official website as well. Currently, iOS users cannot pre-register, but gamigo plans to offer rewards for those users specifically when it launches later this year.

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