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Fantasy Town Diary: Day 1 - Our first tentative steps with Gamigo’s latest farming RPG

Fantasy Town Diary: Day 1 - Our first tentative steps with Gamigo’s latest farming RPG
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Fantasy Town; a place where the laughter never stops, troll attacks seem all too common, and where we seem to have fallen into the role of a newly appointed (and rather reluctant) mayor. This is the setting for Gamigo’s latest farming sim slash RPG, and on first inspection it looks like a very intriguing fare with its Trove style visuals and adventure/exploration elements.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be keeping a diary of all the trials and frivolities we encounter to give some insight (with a few spoilers) into what you can expect to find. Let’s begin…

Day 1

Following a troll attack that’s left the town in absolute shambles, our less than enthusiastic hero finds himself given the unwanted responsibility of fixing up the place and bringing prosperity back to the community. With his odd blue hair style and rather modest attire, he certainly doesn’t look the part of a leader; in-fact our personal butler Tommy, an assiduous feline guide whom we’re immediately introduced to, looks positively regal by comparison with his dapper waist-coat and blonde locks.

Nonetheless, even if our new mayor appears a little underwhelming, we’ll persevere…

With Tommy’s assistance we swiftly set about repairing some of the damage the trolls caused by restoring a house and a barn (where we’ll be storing our farmed resources).

After dabbling in a bit of construction, we moved on to farming wheat to feed the townsfolk and its three lovely cows who rewarded our attentiveness with delicious milk. Equipped with milk and wheat we promptly set about getting the town’s bakery up and running again. Unfortunately whoever was in charge of baking before is no longer around (presumably he got tired of the troll attacks and fled) but thankfully Tommy whipped up some magic and recruited us a new baker called Coggs who, in spite of his lack of talent, appears eager to work. It becomes readily apparent that recruiting citizens will be a key factor in progressing the game, and whilst Coggs may be a bit of a bust talent-wise, our next recruit seems a lot more promising.

Following the kidnapping of one of the townsfolk by the troll captain, we were persuaded by Tommy to fix up the town’s inn to help draw more citizens that can help us (the inn essentially serves as Fantasy Town’s gacha-pool). And help we most certainly received in the form of a menacing looking ruffian called Max. In no time at all, our new 5 star citizen invaded the trolls' encampment and retrieved their hostage - an elderly and unassuming gentleman called James.

Although we’re still in the tutorial stage, it does feel reassuring that in just a few minutes we already saved some folks, got crops growing, repaired buildings, and have freshly baked baguettes. The relaxing orchestral melody that plays throughout the game also seems to make the whole experience pass even more swiftly and smoothly. All in all it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be too much trouble getting the town back into shape, even if our hero seems to disagree…

At every available opportunity, our blue protagonist attempted to flee his civic duties but found his efforts blocked each time; first by bumping into a dragon who, thankfully, turned out to be a well trained asset used for trading, and then later into a rather strange, wizened old man called Mine Spirit. This new peculiar acquaintance would, after some chatter, open up the mining portion of the game where we can collect precious materials for building.

So far so good; after watching a few ads we’ve managed to recruit two more citizens to our stable, one of which being a Legendary Class Cleopas who’ll surely be an asset later on up the road, and we’ve also discovered how to make bread at the town’s bakery (apparently the townsfolk were getting tired of the all baguette diet). Perhaps this town is getting the mayor it deserves after all…

Stay tuned for our next hands-on update. In the meantime, if you’d like to get in on the adventure yourself, you can find Fantasy Town available to download for free from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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