F1 2009 PSP gets the green light for release this November

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F1 2009 PSP gets the green light for release this November
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If you haven’t noticed, Formula 1 is big news and big money. All over the world the popularity of F1 is surging - an estimated 350 million people in 200 countries watch each Grand Prix.

We know Codemasters took the chequered flag for the rights to the 2009 FIA Formula One World Championship and, in anticipation of this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, the publisher today announced the release of F1 2009 on PSP. In the US the game is scheduled for November 17th, with the UK following close behind in the slipstream, just three days later.

Just to recap, the game's main mode sees you take part in a three-season career with all the stages, drivers and teams are represented. We took F1 2009 for a preview spin earlier this year and came away impressed by what promises to be a fairly comprehensive title.

The official title includes all of the features that F1 fans can expect to see this season such as KERS integration, but regulars like pit radio are also included. Those that want to get their hands dirty can also fine tune their cars to a level that will please all but the obsessive-compulsive.

Codemasters has worked hard on optimising the PSP version (it's also out on the Wii) and from what we've seen F1 2009 seems well placed on the grid to challenge for pole in the race towards Christmas handheld driving game sales.

It just won't enable you to live a playboy lifestyle, dating models, on your yacht, in Monte Carlo. Video games have their limits.