Codemasters reveals F1 2009 PSP details

Coming this autumn, complete with Bernie and Button approval

Codemasters reveals F1 2009 PSP details
| F1 2009

After securing the F1 licence last year, Codemasters has rushed details of its first attempt at a modern F1 game to Autosport.

F1 2009, as the game will be known, includes all of this season's cars, teams and circuits, as well as new regulations such as slick tyres, revised aerodynamic bits and KERS (think of it as turbo boost that refills every lap). The game aims to be as realistic an interpretation as possible but there's no word yet on whether it'll also include the ability for your team to spy on rivals or for your driver to lie to the race stewards.

Mode-wise there's the obligatory full season, which is partnered by individual arcade-style challenges and, on PSP, wireless multiplayer options.

(There is no mention of a DS version, strongly suggesting this format will not be supported - this goes against previous expectations but is not entirely surprising on either technical or commercial grounds.)

"Codemasters has a great heritage when it comes to racing games and their reputation is second to none," said F1 emperor Bernie Ecclestone, who went on to reveal he's been very impressed with what he's seen so far.

"F1 computer games and circuit simulations can be invaluable for racing drivers so it's great news that our fans will also be able to experience the BGP 001 through this game," added current championship leader and Brawn GP driver, Jenson Button.

Racing games aren't exactly under-represented on Sony's portable but Codemasters has a tendency to produce unmissable examples of the genre - even on handheld - so we'll remain enthusiastic about F1 2009's appearance on PSP this autumn.