F.A.S.T. version 2.0 released on iPhone

New features and fixes abound, including a Black Market

F.A.S.T. version 2.0 released on iPhone

Supreme 3D arcade blaster F.A.S.T. has just received an update that adds several new features, as well as fixes to a whole bunch of issues.

Chief among the new features is the addition of a Black Market where new planes can be purchased, of which there are two new models. There’s also a flare button, a free-for all mode in Competitions and the ability to select a rematch after playing an opponent.

Here’s a full rundown of the changes and additions:

Added a Black Market where you may purchase new planes
Two new elite aircraft
Added Flare Button
Auto-Pilot Redirect problem solved with larger terrains and higher flight ceiling
Turning too hard for too long will result in a blackout
Free For All mode added to Competitions
Flying too slow will now stall your aircraft
New ability to play an opponent again after a match
Plane speed is now affected by gravity
Improved multi-player matching system
Improved Targeting Arrow
Smarter Enemy AI
Improved Exercises
Jukebox added to Options Menu
Pausing and unpausing game re-calibrates accelerometer
Top Pilot list increased to 100 players

Remember that F.A.S.T. is now available on the App Store for 59p, so there really is no good reason for you not to jet off into its skies.