Glu takes you back to the dungeon with Eternity Warriors 2

This time with real-time multiplayer

Glu takes you back to the dungeon with Eternity Warriors 2
| Eternity Warriors 2

Eternity Warriors started out as a fantasy reskin of Glu Mobile's best and most successful game to-date Gun Bros..

To that degree, it's an experiment but one that Glu is looking to build on with a sequel.

Eternity Warriors 2 continues the original's control method - virtual D-pad and action touch buttons, but ramps up the size of the bosses and the quality of the graphics.

There are also plenty of new demons to cut down to size, while the game takes advantage of GameSpy's multiplayer tech (Glu just bought the company) to provide real-time multiplayer - again, as with Gun Bros.

Hone your edge

Of course, as a free-to-play game, you'll have to grind through the levels and enemy waves to earn the in-game currency to upgrade your weapons, armour and other power ups.

Or you can spend real cash to progress faster, although there are various incentivised options such as watching videos or downloading other games which will reward you with currency if you want to take that route.

Eternity Warriors 2 is available for Android devices on Tuesday 21st August and for iOS device on 22nd August.

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