Under-performing sequel Epic Mickey 2 coming to Vita later this year

A second coat of paint

Under-performing sequel Epic Mickey 2 coming to Vita later this year

Disney has announced via Twitter that Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two will be coming to PS Vita later this year.

A direct port of the console-based sequel, Epic Mickey 2's story picks up where the original Wii platformer left off.

As with the first game, players must guide Disney's rodent mascot through the Cartoon Wasteland, using Mickey's magical paintbrush to attack enemies and solve puzzles.

This time around, however, Mickey has a companion in the form of Oswald, a forgotten Disney character who can be controlled by a second player.

A fresh canvas

To be honest, we're a little surprised Disney is going to the trouble of porting Epic Mickey 2 onto the Vita.

While the game wasn't a complete critical failure, it only managed to muster 25 per cent of the first game's sales. That figure is particularly damning when you consider that, unlike its Wii-only predecessor, Epic Mickey 2 was available on all major consoles.

Junction Point, the studio which developed the franchise, was closed in January, though Disney did not directly attribute the blame to Epic Mickey 2's commercial woes.

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