Elemental Mage spells fun for mobile gamers

50 levels of fantasy adventuring await

Elemental Mage spells fun for mobile gamers
| Elemental Mage

This whole one-thumb casual gaming is all well and good but, sometimes, don't you just crave a sprawling RPG adventure game chock-full of monsters, traps and treasure?

We do.

Elemental Mage is the latest mobile game to try and satisfy that urge, promising 50 levels of magical mayhem.

Developed by Dawnatic Games, it's a top-down adventure that blends traditional RPG fare (hidden areas, character development, a proper storyline) with some innovative mobile connectivity.

Well, an online high-score table, anyway.

It certainly has potential, with the screenshots released reminding us of Digital Chocolate's ace Fantasy Warrior games. But by all means check it out yourselves: Elemental Mage is being published by Mojos Mobile, and is out now.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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