Elebits / Eledees is definitely zapping its way to DS

The Adventures of Kai & Zero due out in US this autumn

Elebits / Eledees is definitely zapping its way to DS

It appeared as a listing on a US retail site a month or so back but Konami has been refusing to confirm that Elebits is coming to DS.

But game information has sprung up on IGN verifying that Elebits: The Adventures of Kai & Zero is indeed being released on the handheld. Currently it only has a US release date, but we're sure a European one will follow at some point after its autumn release on the other side of the Atlantic.

According to the site, the DS game is a direct sequel to the original Wii title, known as Eledees in Europe. It takes place in the same universe and follows a similar premise with human characters off hunting down tiny critters called Elebits which act as energy sources. But this time around the Elebits hold magical powers and puzzles involve finding hidden paths, freezing water and turning darkness into light using the special abilities of your collected Elebits characters.

The game also features a new multiplayer option compatible with wi-fi so players are able to battle head-to-head online. Locally, it allows for up to four players to compete at collecting the most of those elusive little Elebits.

US readers can look forward to getting their mitts on their own portable Elebits capture gun this autumn. We'll keep you posted on news of a European release.