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| Edge
| Edge

There's been so much controversy surrounding Edge that I'd almost forgotten it was a game, and not some kind of high-profile American murder trial.

Finally, it's arrived on mobile, and all the legal wrangling and copyright nonsense seems entirely inconsequential. This is simply an amazing game and deserves recognition for its gameplay, not because of some tedious controversy.

Looking over the edge

But let's assume you've (rather wisely) kept away from all the lawyering and are completely new to the wonders of Edge. First and foremost this is a beautiful looking game.

From the screenshots it might not look like it puts much of a strain on the handset's CPU, but the smoothness of its animation and crispness of its... well, edges craft a gorgeous looking game that wouldn't appear any different on a living room console.

The graphical purity is backed up by a first class soundtrack that pumps out music electronica as you roll your way around the mazes. Since sound effects aren't called upon particularly, this soundtrack is quite vital and gives real presence to Edge's atmosphere.

Fun cubed

The objective of Edge is immensely simple. You take control of a cube in an isometric platform maze. It rolls around at right angles (given that it's a cube) along with your button presses, while you attempt to navigate the treacherous terrain without falling off the edge.

Along the way there are small cubes to collect, if you can fathom how to reach them (your cube can climb one level, the same height as itself, but no more), and ultimately find your way to the end marker.

It's not the simplicity of its gameplay that's important, but the sheer flawless quality of its execution. The wild variety of the levels ensures that no two puzzles are remotely the same, despite all drawing from an essentially limited pool of gameplay elements.

After just a few minutes playing Edge it'd be easy to believe that 'certain copyright-owning parties' were actually interested in making mobile games, but were terrified of the competition and sought to get rid of it. If that's anywhere near the truth, those parties should be scared of Edge.

It's that good.


Oozing quality from every pixel, Edge is quite simply an excellent mobile puzzle game without a single notable chink in its armour