Connect2Media to distribute Edge on mobile

IMGA award winner now has accelerometer controls

Connect2Media to distribute Edge on mobile
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The ultra-simple, ultra-stylish, ultra-playable iPhone game Edge has been cleaning up at award ceremonies lately.

It landed the Milthon award for best mobile game 2008, received a BAFTA nomination, and was the winner of this year’s International Mobile Gaming Awards - Excellence in Gameplay and Operator’s Choice.

Distribution of the iPhone version is a much simpler matter, but developer Mobigame has decided to partner with Manchester-based Connect2Media to get the mobile version out to the gaming populace.

“Connect2Media have a massive global distribution footprint,” said David Papazian, CEO of Mobigame. “Edge is already a massive success on iPhone, however for mainstream mobile distribution we needed a strong partner.”

This is quite a coup for Connect2Media, as Edge is not only a serial award winner but plays to the strengths of contemporary mobile gaming extremely well.

Having learned from the easy gameplay access boasted by the iPhone, the developer has included support for accelerometer controls in suitably equipped handsets.

“The IMGA in gameplay is a truly deserved accolade as anyone who has ever picked up and played Edge will testify,” said Connect2Media’s CEO, Eric Hobson.

“The seductive simplicity of the gameplay coupled with the impressive technical execution makes it a truly different gaming experience. When played on an accelerometer enabled handset the gameplay becomes even more intuitive and I am sure that it is set to become a modern classic.”

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