Econia: Three things you should know before diving into this city builder

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Econia: Three things you should know before diving into this city builder

Creating a metropolitan oasis

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Econia is a new city building game that uses the real world's economy when you are out there making decisions to better your city. It's pretty similar to other city building games of the past such as Sim City or Sid Meier's Civilization games.

However, this one combines a few different elements. As mentioned, how things run in the game is based on the world's current economy, adding an extra bit of realism. On top of that, you'll see towns from other players around you as you play. So it adds an MMO layer to the experience.

You are the owner of a corporation and it's your job to create jobs, homes, etc by creating buildings of different types from restaurants to apartments and everything in between. By maintaining the city, you'll see your business prosper. It's a solid city/career growth game and here are a few things you should know before diving in.

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It's Heavily Online-Based

As we sort of eluded to, Econia is heavily online-based. You'll see other cities nearby created by other players' businesses. To avoid confusion, you'll be able to see the corporation names of the other players to sort of let you know what side is theirs.

It's really interesting to see the other towns live as you try and build up your own. Be careful though, as players can on occasion try to build things on your land. Throughout my time playing, I personally never had this happen, but just be aware that it's possible.

You can also form alliances and help each other with certain issues that your properties may be facing. This is a good, affordable way to solve problems. And early on throughout your playthrough, it might be wise to do so. All you need to is spend 20 Econia bucks mostly for short-term problem solving, and that's what online alliances can help out with.

You'll Be Solving a Lot of Problems

Possibly the most critical aspect of Econia is that you'll be facing different issues in regards to your buildings. It can be something like, not having enough employees for example. We talked a bit about it already, and forming alliances is a solid way to solve these problems.

You just need to know that these will come up frequently. Sometimes, designing a brand new building might be the best solution. An example would be if you built a residence of some kind but there aren't any restaurants around to feed the dwellers.

The name of the game is to make money, and an excellent way to do that is by creating solutions that make life easier for your businesses. You do this, and things boom, then you'll make some nice coin. However, if things are in rough shape at a building, don't be afraid to tear it down if it comes down to it.

Complete Goals and Unlock More Buildings

As with many games like this, you will have the ability to unlock some cool new buildings. One of my favorites is the Coffee House which you can snatch early on. You can unlock new properties simply by doing what you do best which is solving problems and earning money from your current businesses. 

I will warn that it cost a good chunk of cash to build some of these things. With that being said, in order to unlock them in the first place, you'll need to complete different tasks which will net you some good money anyway. On top of that, you'll just continue to rack up the dough by keeping your businesses afloat. 

Completing daily goals or missions is another excellent way to get some paper. Next thing you know, your city will become a metropolitan haven for all to enjoy. And with a dynamic time of day feature, your city will look good during the day while shining bright at night. 

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