New Driver 76 PSP trailer and screens arrive

Can this '70s sandbox playground out-play GTA?

New Driver 76 PSP trailer and screens arrive
| Driver 76

A new trailer and four new screens have just been released for Driver 76 for the PSP, which hits the shops tomorrow.

The game looks more impressive visually than either of the two previous GTA PSP outings – indeed, that it might even have the same uncanny knack for tapping easily into era-specific pop culture as Rockstar's efforts (an impressive feat if achieved).

The trailer shows off some fun-looking run-and-gun sections as well as all manner of daring cops and robbers style car stunts. And as for the soundtrack, well, all we can say is if you're moved to dance easily, this might be one to watch when you are alone.

Click 'Watch It!' to download the video and see Driver 76 in action.