Zynga updates Draw Something with new features and social elements

Finally, an undo button

Zynga updates Draw Something with new features and social elements
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There is no denying the popularity of Draw Something, which currently sits at the number one spot in the App Store.

Yet Zynga and OMGPOP feel there's room to improve it and the version 1.5.14 update - now out - will do just that.

Chief amongst the updates are new social elements to make messaging and sharing of pictures easier.
Sharing is Caring: Show your Twitter and Facebook friends your smashing successes and crushing failures in just two clicks. Additionally, you will be able to save drawings to your phone's photo library (available now for iOS, soon for Android) to use as wallpaper and contact IDs. Messaging (and banter!): Players will now be able to attach 100 character messages to drawings and partners can respond after making a guess. You can still be able to scribble messages along with your drawings, but this update aims to make communication between players easier.

In addition to the social elements, there are three new gameplay features being implemented.

Pull down to refresh: An easy way to update your games. Pull down to refresh, and you’ll be up to date in an instant. Easy undo: The days of having your drawings ruined by an ill-timed sneeze or mid-scribble elbow bump are over. Click the new Undo button and your last stroke vanishes. From 99 -> 999: It’s not quite over 9,000 (yet!) but you can now eclipse the 100 Club and challenge friends to take your streaks to 999.