What do you get in the Dragon Quest of the Stars subscriptions? Is it worth it?

We break down the Star Pass Monthly and the Star Adventurer's Passport subscriptions

What do you get in the Dragon Quest of the Stars subscriptions? Is it worth it?

Dragon Quest of the Stars is one of the biggest gacha RPGs to hit mobile devices lately, and has that adorable Akira Toriyama artwork to drag us all in and play it. But it also has two separate subscriptions - not everything can be perfect, eh?

Well we've decided to take a look at the most costly subscription, the Star Pass Monthly, and take a look at what it offers, asking ourselves if it sounds worthwhile. Why not, right? I've been using it since the launch of the game, and I couldn't resist talking about my findings.

The short version of my findings? I don't like it. Let's take a look in more detail below…

Monthly Lucky Chest Draw

With the subscription service you get a single Monthly Lucky Chest Draw. This is actually a little bit insulting, in my opinion? It feels like you should get more than a single draw for the price of this subscription. You don't event get a 10-Lucky Draw.

You will get a second Lucky Chest Draw if you continue to pay for your subscription on subsequent months, but even that sounds like a rip-off to me.

1 stamina refresh per day

One single stamina refresh per day. Am I crazy for thinking if you buy the subscription you should just never have to worry about stamina again?

+30 luck

Luck only comes into play during multiplayer battles - this means that, yes, you literally get an advantage during multiplayer if you're a subscriber. Hmm.

Auto Battle

Ah, the auto-battle function, the primary way for gacha RPG players to actually make progress in game which are often a little too vapid and hollow to hold our attention.

I actually like Dragon Quest of the Stars without the auto-battle function, but it's pretty obvious what they want you to do here. Pay, not play.

Turbo Fast Forward

If auto-battle wasn't enough, this should convince you. Pay for the subscription, and the game speed goes faster than ever before. Who even has time to play games these days? Pay a subscription fee to have the gameplay itself.

More equipment storage

Once you've pulled enough of those equipment draws, you're going to fill up on equipment space, unless you either use it all to upgrade, or pay for the subscription, naturally.

Buy the Star Pass Gem Pack… Twice?

This is the most insulting one by far. You need to pay the subscription fee just to be able to buy a cheaper microtransaction.

Let me repeat: for the price of the subscription, you are allowed to buy a microtransaction. Twice. Sorry I can barely get my head around this one.


There is not a single thing included in the Dragon Quest of the Stars subscriptions that isn't a disappointment.

The Star Pass Adventurer's Passport is a similar subscription. It lasts 14 days, and costs 600 gems, which you can earn in-game, of course. If you really want features like Auto-Battle and Turbo Fast Forward, use that method, because the Star Pass Monthly is a disgraceful attempt to charge you regularly in exchange for absolutely nothing.

Dave Aubrey
Dave Aubrey
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