Dr. Mario World cheats, tips - Expert tips for beginners

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Dr. Mario World cheats, tips - Expert tips for beginners

Slide into the game and play like a pro

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Dr Mario World has finally landed on both iOS and Android, and needless to say, it's a Nintendo mobile game.

Sorry, I don't mean to be negative here, only Dr Mario world is a bit… Rubbish? Is rubbish the word? Maybe garbage?

Sorry, I'm still just reeling over the fact that a licensed Nintendo game in 2019 has bad touch screen controls. They pioneered touch screen gaming only a decade ago, and now, this is pretty… completely awful.

But that isn't going to stop us from playing it, is it? Hell no, we've got some fresh Dr Mario World tips for you right here which are going to make playing the game easier than ever.

Not just Dr Mario

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So the first thing to keep in mind is that this isn't just Dr Mario. Dr Mario as I remember it a simple Tetris-like puzzler where you cluster together pills near similarly coloured viruses. Cluster four, and boom, you've cleared out the virus.

Here it plays out differently. It's not only three you need, however clusters are no good. You need three in any given row or column touching one another. So, it doesn't matter if three sides of the virus is connected to similarly coloured pills, if it's not three squares, in a row, in a single direction, it doesn't count. That sucks, but we'll deal with it.

The grids are much larger now too, not to mention you have a small selection of doctors to play with, not just Dr Mario or Dr Luigi.

There comes a few typical mobile drawbacks too, though. Energy to play levels? Yikes. And it can run out pretty fast, especially if you're challenging timed stages. Couple that with some potentially infuriating controls, and it's not the best time, honestly.

But don't worry, we'll help you adjust to all of the small annoyances in this guide.

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Important energy

Energy is what you will need to play any given stage. Just, all of them. Without it, how much of the game you can play is pretty severely limited.

Every half an hour you will get an energy back, meaning when you wake up in the morning, you should have a decent amount of energy stocked. But not enough for the day.

Wanna play without energy? Luckily, you can play online versus infinitely against friends and foes alike, though stage progress will need that energy.

Dragging the spare

One of the biggest mechanical changes in Dr Mario World has to be that spares can be dragged into place after use.

For example, on a yellow/red pill hybrid, say the red section gets blitzed by a virus. That yellow bit can be moved somewhere else on the screen, but has to fall up.

If there's some perfectly placed viruses on the other side of the screen, you can potentially drag your yellow pill piece into place and clear them with only a single capsule. You can also throw capsules onto the bottom of the screen, and then manage other things as it slowly falls.

Skills to use

Each character has a unique skill they can use, and this can be as simple as clearing out a few random blocks, to literally saving you.

Skills aren't essential, but you should definitely be useful when playing stages. In fact, you should always be sure to use your skills when available.

You can also use items to refill your skill gauge, but honestly, the skills aren't worthwhile enough to make this a viable strategy, and the items are too expensive.

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