DS and Brain Training comes out on top of OAP gamers' list

Portable puzzles popular with Old Aged Players

DS and Brain Training comes out on top of OAP gamers' list
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Voucher code website MyVoucherCodes has completed a survey of 2310 people to discover the popularity of gaming for the over 60s. Evidently the number of Old Aged Players (OAPs) is on the increase, as out of the 514 over-60s who responded, 18 per cent said they played video games regularly.

Most popular with the sexagenarian generation is the Nintendo DS, with one in three respondents stating it as their console of choice. The PS3 was the least popular in comparison, due to its crackpot price tag.

"Although playing videogames is typically seen as a pastime of the youth, Nintendo seem to have done a lot of marketing to raise awareness amongst older generations, which correlates well with the fact that older gamers seemed to prefer the DSi and Wii to the more powerful next gen consoles," says retail expert and MD of MyVoucherCodes Mark Pearson.

Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training came out on top of the list for Grandgamers' favourite titles, with Professor Layton and Pandora's Box coming in at a very close second.

Interestingly enough, more women over the age of 60 admitted to regularly playing video games than men, with one in four playing every day.

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