Dr Kawashima officially more popular than Lara Croft

Brain Training beats UK chart record after 80 weeks in top ten

Dr Kawashima officially more popular than Lara Croft

Dr Kawashima's Brain Training has set a new record after spending a stupidly massive 80 weeks in the UK all formats ten ten. As reported by GIB, the previous record was 79 weeks set by Eidos's Tomb Raider.

Brain Training currently sits at number 8 in the charts according to the latest Gfk Chart-Track figures.

Going on how many copies must have been sold in the UK to date to keep it in the top ten for well over a year (worldwide sales as of March 31st 2008 were 12.98 million), you'd think we should have a population of nuclear physicists by now. Or at least a lot of people who can say what colour a word is when it spells out a different colour.

With future versions of Brain Training almost guaranteed to happen, we're wondering if there will ever be a time during the lifespan of the DS when Brain Training slips out of the charts altogether. Judging by its current popularity, we're guessing not.