Disney Infinity 2.0 brings its Toy Box to Android

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Disney Infinity 2.0 brings its Toy Box to Android
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Fans of collecting small figurines of Disney characters can now play with them just about anywhere, thanks to Disney Infinity 2.0: Toy Box launching on Android.

The free app lets you access the game’s Toy Box mode, which allows you to "create your own worlds and games" using 60 Disney characters, according to the store page.

That includes a handful of Marvel superheroes too, and a few Pixar favourites.

Anything you create or buy is saved across platforms as well, so the Elsa/Star Lord world you meticulously craft on the bus can be played with on the big screen when you get home.

Obviously the majority of characters are only available as IAPs, but there’s a rotating roster of three free characters for those who just want to mess around for nothing.

Take a look for yourself on the Google Play store.

Ric Cowley
Ric Cowley
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