Disney Infinity 3.0 characters - Star Wars

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Disney Infinity 3.0 characters - Star Wars

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Disney Infinity: Toy Box 3.0 is out now and with it comes a brand new wave of figures to collect and characters to play as.

Whether you're going all in and picking up the toys, or just sticking with the digital unlocks, there's a wide range of new heroes and villains available.

All Star Wars characters listed here retail for £14.99 if you're buying physical, or are £2.35 IAPs if you're sticking to the all-digital Android / iOS experience.

Prepare your wallets, you may spend when ready.

Anakin Skywalker

This is where the fun begins…

If you're picking up the Starter Pack on console you'll be getting Hayden Christensen's whiny Jedi Knight whether you like it or not, but given the choice he's still a worthy addition to your Infinity collection.

His special move allows him to lift and hurl nearby debris at enemies, which is especially fun when reenacting his Sand People genocide on Tatooine. The kids will love it.

Ahsoka Tano
Your kid will know who she is…

Nobody above the age of 14 knows who this star of The Clone Wars animated series actually is, but she's one of Infinity 3.0's best new characters.

Her fast, aggressive combat style, helped by dual-wielding lightsabers, suited me down to the ground.

She's also one of the more expressive and well animated characters, and her quips are as sassy as Princess Leia on a Death Star.

Luke Skywalker


The original hero of Star Wars is a pretty attractive proposition in Infinity thanks to his mix of close range lightsaber combat and willingness to use a long range blaster, offering good combat variety.

You can also suit him up in his X-Wing flight gear if you fancy a style change, and one imagines he might receive an 'Old Luke' redesign once The Force Awakens hits cinemas.

Leia Organa
Your Worshipfulness. Leia

Some of Infinity's coolest characters have been female, from Mrs Incredible to Jasmine, and Princess Leia is no different.

Her special ability is perhaps the coolest in the game, as she calls in R2-D2 to attack her enemies. You can also unlock her bounty hunter disguise from Return of the Jedi, which is a nice touch.

Head online for some multiplayer with Chewbacca and Sulley and you can put two walking carpets in her way.


The new face of Star Wars…

John Boyega's Finn is shrouded in mystery both in terms of The Force Awakens and Disney Infinity, but we should see his character arrive alongside Daisy Ridley's Rey around about the same time as the film.

They'll be available alongside a brand new playset for console players, too.


Or maybe she's the new face of Star Wars…

Until we hire our own rebel spy there's little chance of us getting our hands on Disney's plans for any Force Awakens characters, which means we know nothing about Rey, either.

Wait and see, we will.

Boba Fett
He's no good to me as a PlayStation exclusive…

Yep, you can't play as Boba Fett right now unless you paid upwards of £100 for the PlayStation exclusive Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars Saga Bundle (curse you, marketing!).

Those who did go all in on Infinity on PS4 or PS3 received a digital code to unlock him in the mobile Toy Box, but the rest of us will have to wait until the new year before we can jetpack across the skies and hunt down Jedi in the iconic Slave I.

Buy, or buy not, there is no try… Yoda

Actually, there is a try. Yoda is currently free to use in Toy Box 3.0 on Android and iOS, as Disney is rotating trial characters every three days.

The oldest Jedi in the galaxy is definitely worth checking out, with his super jumpy combat style making him extremely hard to counter, and you'll need him if you ever down your spacecraft in a swamp.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Hello there…

The Jedi formerly known as Ben sports one of the game's best special abilities, utilising the character's trademark 'Force Persuade' skill to trick enemies into fighting alongside you.

If you get to the end of his skill tree you unlock the 'dismember former best friend and leave him burning on the banks of a volcano' move, too.

Han Solo
Shoot first! Han Solo

You can use the Toy Box to recover Han's dignity by spawning a Greedo and shooting him as many times as you please without having to wait for him to make the first move.

Han's special move is also all about shooting; letting off a huge flurry of blaster fire at whichever enemies happen to be in the vicinity.

This Han shoots first and asks questions later.


You can't buy Han and not take Chewie as well, can you?

The loveable Wookie comes equipped with a powerful bowcaster and superior melee strength to most Infinity characters, whilst his special move sees him hurl a thermal detonator at his foes.

Unfortunately you can't rip people's arms off, but it might be a little harrowing to do that to someone like Stitch or Mulan.

Darth Vader

Obi-Wan never told you I was an action figure…

There's no doubt Darth Vader is the coolest looking character in Infinity this year, with the team at Avalanche clearly inspired by the early artwork of the legendary Ralph McQuarrie.

It's a great looking figure, but Vader is also a lot of fun to use in-game. You can use the Force to fling hapless enemies around or throw your lightsaber at them, but we're all here for the Force Choke and Infinity delivers.

Go on, use Force Choke on Sadness from Inside Out. I dare you.

Darth Maul

Still the only cool thing about The Phantom Menace…

Avalanche collaborator Ninja Theory's lightsaber combat is a big draw for Infinity 3.0, and no character exemplifies it more than Darth Maul.

His double-ended lightsaber provides some truly awesome combos, with the Darth Dash attack seeing you surge towards an opponent before knocking them away with a powerful lightsaber thrust.

Maul can also use the Force to knock back enemies and stun them, and can be upgraded to break defences like blocks and counter attacks.

Ezra Bridger

You know…. Ezra! Come on, you know Ezra! Right?!


Anyone? No? Ezra Bridger is the star of Star Wars: Rebels, which is a big deal among the Disney XD watching community.

He's similar to Luke in that he's capable of using both a lightsaber and a blaster in combat. His special move sees him fire a blaster bolt which ricochets between enemies like a pinball.

Kanan Jarrus

Looks a bit like that guy from The Force Unleashed?

Another popular hero from Rebels, Kanan Jarrus also uses a lightsaber and a blaster.

His special ability is unique in that it acts as a buff for his standard attributes, allowing him to deal more damage and take more punishment, which proves useful when watching Attack of the Clones.

Sabine Wren

Down you go!

Sabine wields two blasters and has a talent for sabotaging the Empire, which makes her the closest Infinity has to Carth from Knights of the Old Republic.

Her special move, however, is quite unlike anything you've ever seen in anything Star Wars related. She… she 'drops paint bombs on the ground which can be activated later using the paint sprayer'.

Zeb Orrelios

A bald cat man with a beard and a blaster rifle?


There are some bizarre looking folk in the Star Wars universe, and Zeb Orrelios is right up there with the strangest of the lot.

His move set is also rather novel, allowing him to climb on walls like Spider-Man, and his special ability activates an electromagnetic staff, which grants access to some unique combos.