How to unlock all the mystery characters in Disney Crossy Road's Monsters Inc. update

Spike, Phlegm, Lantern, and more

How to unlock all the mystery characters in Disney Crossy Road's Monsters Inc. update
| Disney Crossy Road

Disney Crossy Road just got another whopping great update, this time featuring all the characters from the original Monsters Inc.

So you'll be able to play as Mike, Sulley, Boo, and more. 

It also features a number of new mystery characters, from both Monsters Inc and the older Disney franchises that are already in the game.

If you want to know how to unlock the lot, you'll have to read on.

(Monsters Inc.)


Complete the Man at Work character set. We're not sure who is in this one.

Spike (Monsters Inc.) Spike

Complete the Rough Around The Edges character set. That's Chief Bogo (Zootopia), Crocodile (Jungle Book), Babyhead (Toy Story), Hook Hand (Tangled), and Mr. Waternoose (Monsters Inc).

Phlegm (Monsters Inc.) Phlegm

Complete the Monsters Inc. Heroes set to get Phlegm. That means unlocking Boo, Mike, Celia, Sulley, and Roz.

Garbage Cube (Monsters Inc.) Garbage Cube

Find this cube while playing as Sulley. Easy as pie.

Sim Kid (Monsters Inc.) Sim Kid

Play as a monster, and find the Sim Kid laying in his bed to scare him. Do it 10 times to unlock this character.

Chief O'Hara (Mickey and Friends) Chief O Hara

Play as Chief Bogo (from the Zootopia set) and go up to the characters lining the street to make them put their hands up and surrender. Do this to 50 characters.

Clock Cleaner Goofy (Mickey and Friends) Clock

Play as Goofy and find a tiny clock on the road. As long as you pass it, you'll unlock Clock Cleaner Goofy when you next fail.

The Orator (Haunted Mansion) Orator

Play as Sally Slater (also from Haunted Mansion) and get a score of 100 to unlock The Orator.

Blue Beetle (The Lion King) Blue Beetle

Eat 50 grubs while playing as Pumba (The Lion King). You can do this across multiple runs.

Heathcliff (Big Hero 6) Heathcliff

Find this character while playing as Fred Supersuit (Big Hero 6).

Queen (Tangled) Queen

Play as Emperor Zurg (Toy Story set) and track down the Queen's playing card to unlock her as a playable hero.

Lantern (Tangled) Lantern

Play as any character from the Haunted Mansion set and light up 30 candles to unlock the Lantern. This can be done of the course of multiple runs.