Dicey Dungeons is launching on mobile on July 7th, with a free DLC update to boot

Dicey Dungeons is launching on mobile on July 7th, with a free DLC update to boot
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Dicey Dungeons is finally coming to both iOS and Android on July 7th, letting mobile players get their hands on the quirky dice-rolling deck-builder on the go. The roguelike title's mobile launch will coincide with Reunion, an epic DLC that will add six new episodes for players to tinker around with in the game.

In Dicey Dungeons, players will step into the shoes of giant walking dice as they fight monsters and score loot in a deck-building roguelike. The fast-paced title features six unique characters with their own distinct playstyles, plus the ever-changing elements that spice things up with the roll of the dice.

Launching on the same day as the mobile release, the Reunion DLC adds new mechanics and fresh dungeon layouts across 4-5 hours of gameplay. The DLC also boasts an all-new soundtrack by Chipzel along with artwork by Marlowe Dobbe. Players can expect fresh cutscenes and writing by Holly Gramazio as well.

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According to the official DLC lore, "Two and a half years ago, six heroes - unfortunately transformed into giant walking dice - took part in Dicey Dungeons, the only game show in the world run by Lady Luck herself. Now they're back in the studio one last time for a reunion special. What have they been up to since they escaped? How did Lady Luck talk them into coming back? And what will happen when they head back into the dungeons for one last adventure?"

If you're eager to know more about the content by Terry Cavanagh and are curious about giving it a go, you can check out Dicey Dungeons on Steam for now.

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