DEVICE 6 walkthrough - Chapter 5, The Show

DEVICE 4, HAT IDs, and the men's room

DEVICE 6 walkthrough - Chapter 5, The Show

DEVICE 6 is the latest game from Beat Sneak Bandit and Year Walk developer Simogo.

DEVICE 6 is part-interactive fiction, part-puzzle game. In this inventive adventure, Simogo is constantly testing you with tricky riddles and conundrums.

This guide - which you should use only as a last resort, i.e. when you've exhausted all possible solutions - will help you solve those puzzles, without spoiling the story.

Read on to help Anna escape this surreal nightmare.

Chapter 5 - The Show DEVICE 6

Okay, so you just got your hands on DEVICE 4, and you need to enter the goon's HAT ID.

Well, he said, "I was the one who came here before you." And if you're player #248, that means he must be 247.

Press the bottom green button twice to fill in two circles, and then hit the top red button to input a '2'. Do the same for '4' and '7' to log in.


Look in messages. On page two, you'll see the above exchange. The key phrase is "Take a look at the routes."


Return to the tablet's home page and choose 'maps'. Hit the red button to see the four island surveillance roots.

Note that it says, "Surveillance routes must be carried out in straight lines."


If you draw those routes over the island map, you'll notice numbers appear.

The first, 'A-C-F', looks like a '7'. The others look like '1', '4', and '1'. There's our men's room password.


Head to the men's room and enter '7141' on the entry panel to complete the chapter.

There are no puzzles in Chapter 6, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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