Simogo on the powers of textual healing in DEVICE 6, and what the studio is set to serve up next

What a Year Walk it's been

Simogo on the powers of textual healing in DEVICE 6, and what the studio is set to serve up next

The Gold Award-winning text adventure DEVICE 6 is a bit of a strange project, but we’d expect nothing less from a studio that dropped a be-suited horse into the middle of a river earlier this year.

If you haven't played Simogo's DEVICE 6 yet, it's a hard game to describe.

Drawing its inspiration from the surreal 60's spy drama The Prisoner and 'escape the room' style games like 999 - 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, it casts you as an amnesiac named Anna who finds herself enmeshed in the machinations of a faceless corporation.

"You can look at it as if it's a comment on Apple specifically, but I don't think it is," said Simogo's Simon Flesser talking to sister site on the making of DEVICE 6.

"It's more of a comment on a lot of things in our society as whole, and some of the things fit the bill."

Although Flesser is quite proud of the music in DEVICE 6 he is, unsurprisingly, a bit partial to the importance of the story.

"We actually wrote the story to fit the ideas and messages we had in mind," says Flesser. "And I think that's why it works so well. Everything in the game, including interactions, puzzles and the hardware is part of the narrative.”

Given the small size of Simogo's DEVICE 6 development team - fittingly, made up of six members - it's amazing that it only took six months of work to bring the game to completion.

As for what's next from Simogo, Flesser wasn't quite as frank with the details.

"Tossing a few ideas around at the moment. Not quite sure! It'll probably be a bit until 'The Next Big Thing' - we have a few small things we want to do in between. Just trying out different stuff, not necessarily games."

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