The best Android game this week - Desktop Dungeons

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The best Android game this week - Desktop Dungeons
| Desktop Dungeons
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Desktop Dungeons is all about offering a roguelike experience that you can tackle in about ten minutes.

So these tile-based dungeons are tiny, and everything in the game is fast-paced and streamlined. You can zip across the dungeon floor with a tap, and recover health and mana just by venturing into the unknown.

The game might seem simple, but you should consider every step carefully. At times, Dungeons almost has a puzzle-like element as you try to figure out the right combination of spells and stats and buffs, to take down all the enemies.

That's not to mention the actual puzzle dungeons, which will take some serious brain power to untangle.


Casting spells, looting treasure, and beating up surprisingly powerful goats is all in aid of the game's kingdom-building backbone, where those scrappy roguelike quests help you fund new buildings for your burgeoning empire.

The game's always juggling long and short term goals, as you work on quests on your lunch breaks, but work on expanding your kingdom - unlocking new stuff, like player classes along the way - throughout the month.

It might be a little overwhelming for some players, who should stick to games like Dungelot and The Nightmare Cooperative for fast-paced roguelike kicks. But if you want something to sink your teeth into, you can't go far wrong here.

Honourable mentions

I can't stop playing this stupid Kung Fury game. I haven't even watched the film, but the game - a twitchy two button fighter that has you beating up nazis with careful timing and judicious taps - has got me slightly addicted.

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And while I'd personally love to give The Talos Principle the nod, this terrific robot puzzler - which is like Portal, minus the wormholes but plus the philosophical questions about the meaning of life - is only on select 'droid devices like the Nexus 9 and those fancy new Shield things.

But hey. If you've got one of them, get it. It's the best.