iOS Rampage-alike Demolition Dash crashes onto the App Store

Got Zilla?

iOS Rampage-alike Demolition Dash crashes onto the App Store
| Demolition Dash

Game-makers like nothing better than laying waste to the world’s major cities, but you don't always get to help them. Reckless destruction isn't very heroic.

Demolition Dash lets you be the bad guy. Taking on the role of a monster named Zilla, you have to cause as much chaos and carnage as possible before SWAT teams can take you down.

Zilla’s tiny but mighty, with a roar that can explode a helicopter at ten paces. You’ll need to jump to avoid dangerous obstacles, though for the most part you can run through anything in your path.

There are eight cities to unlock, with 24 stages in total, and Game Center achievements suggest it’ll have plenty of replay value. Free updates are also promised, one of which will add an Endless Run mode.

Demolition Dash is out now on the New Zealand App Store, and will hit the US and UK stores at 11PM and midnight respectively.

The app costs 59p/99c for iPhone and iPod touch, while the HD version on iPad will set you back £1.19/$1.99.

Chris Schilling
Chris Schilling
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