Cave's Gold Award-winning bullet-hell shooter DeathSmiles swoops onto the Google Play Store

Smile like you mean it

Cave's Gold Award-winning bullet-hell shooter DeathSmiles swoops onto the Google Play Store
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Do you own an Android device?

Do you like shooting things and dodging bullets?

Today is your lucky day, then, my friend, because two of Cave's finest shmups, DeathSmiles and Mushihimesama Bug Panic, are now available on the Google Play Store.

Mushihimesama Bug Panic is all about shooting bugs. In this world, mind, the bugs are massive creatures out to wreak havoc and destruction. It's up to you to stop them by blasting them to bits.

You'll lock on to targets and destroy them with one of three different seed types (explosive, incendiary, and cluster).

As you'd expect from a Cave game, there's lots of fast-paced arcade action for you to sink your gaming teeth into here.

We gave the iOS version of Mushihimesama Bug Panic a Silver Award at review, describing it as "a mini-masterpiece that combines gorgeous visuals with arresting gameplay".

DeathSmiles, meanwhile, is a gothic bullet-hell masterwork in which Cave mixes the neon madness of its famed space-based shooters with a deliciously dark aesthetic.

It's a game that will appeal to veterans and newcomers alike, for Cave has blended the usual waves of ordnance and enemies with an accessible control system and a few gameplay tweaks.

We gave DeathSmiles for iOS a Gold Award at review, saying that "everyone with a passing interest should try out this smart, compulsive, and thrilling blaster."

All this Android-based shooty-shooty fun isn't going to come cheap, though. Mushihimesama Bug Panic retails for £4.99 [buy], while DeathSmiles will set you back £7.99 [buy].

There are trial versions of both games available, mind, so you can have a crack at 'em before you decide to shell out for the full product.

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