Death Road to Canada's EYEBALL update hits iOS this Thursday

EYE see you

Death Road to Canada's EYEBALL update hits iOS this Thursday

It's been a couple of months since Death Road to Canada's last update but we've almost got our hands on the EYEBALL update's first part, with the next following shortly in January.

As announced on Twitter yesterday, this update contains 12 new events and a bunch of other changes. Seriously, a bunch. I'll list off a brief detailing below but we'd be here all day if I set everything out.

Rare Events:
  • Toilet of the Past's Future
  • Gnome Challenge Mode
  • Even in the zombocalypse I have to wait in a line??!
  • The perfect rock for throwing at a zombie
  • Using a radio station to send out a message of hope
  • Drag racing like in my fast car movies
  • Tracking down a mysterious signal
  • Junk Repair that can give you different weapons based on mechanical skill
  • Disgusting health food store... disgusting
  • The Swole-O-Flex, a new revolution in personal fitness and strength ***NO REFUNDS***

Plus, two new Walking Events.

Tweaks, fixes, system changes, and new upgrades will also be part of the package. Things like smaller font sizes, making trash lids destructible (because realism), rare events/locations should be more frequent, custom game modes shouldn't destroy the pause screen, and much, much more.

Read the full changelog on their forum page here. We're not sure what we'll see in January, but half the fun is waiting. This part of the EYEBALL update arrives on iOS this Thursday, November 9th.

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