Dead Space 2 announced for iPad this December

iPhone and iPod touch version may also be in the works

Dead Space 2 announced for iPad this December
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Apple announced Dead Space 2 for iPad, pegging the action-packed survival-horror series will be released this December.

During an event held at an Apple retail store in Tokyo, the company revealed the third-person shooter as coming to iPad. We've contacted EA Mobile for confirmation, but as of yet we haven't received a response.

The game will bridge the story from the first Dead Space and the upcoming console sequel according to a presentation slide detailed by Japanese outlet 4Gamer, which generously provided the displayed image.

Other features touted on the slide include the lack of a heads-up display in line with the console game, gesture-based dismemberment attacks, and graphics tailored to iPad - all of which was predicted by our own Rumour Miner in April.

iPad is the only device for which the game is announced, although there is mention of a potential iPhone and iPod touch version.

The top of the slide reads, "Top rated EA original IP - 89 metacritic - comes to iPhone." We're waiting for comment from EA Mobile regarding a potential iPhone release.

Dead Space 2 will be available for iPad this December.

The screenshot above is from the home console version of Dead Space 2.