Dashy Crashy's 'Merry Crash-mas' event kicks off tomorrow with 12 days of festive challenges and rewards

Dashy Crashy celebrates the festive season in style

Dashy Crashy's 'Merry Crash-mas' event kicks off tomorrow with 12 days of festive challenges and rewards
| Dashy Crashy

Hot off the heels of its 'Not the Cybertruck' event, Dashy Crashy is about to launch into 12 days of festive challenges and rewards with its huge 'Merry Crash-mas' event.

A fresh challenge will begin each day starting to tomorrow, December 24th, and running until January 4th. You'll be able to compete against rival players for neat daily prizes, and there'll be tons of coins up for grabs, hopefully allowing you to treat yourself to some sweet items over the holidays.

Collecting daily coins will unlock you the festive learner, which will set you back 250 coins, and the secret holiday gift, which is unlocked at a whopping 1500 coins.

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To keep festive spirits high, developer Dumpling will also be adding snowfall stages and weather.

Here's a rough idea of some of the tricky challenges you'll face:

  • December 24th - 'MAIL THE GIFTS!' - Pick-up and deliver as many gifts as you can in time for gift day
  • December 25th - 'DELIVER GIFTS!' - Tap to ‘delivery’ the most gifts to your fellow festive drivers
  • December 26th - 'JUMP SNOWMEN!' - Tap to land-hop over as many Snowmen as you can
  • December 27th - 'SLIP ’N’ SLIDE!' - Drive any direction
  • but straight to score big on these icy roads
  • December 28th - 'EAT CANDY!' - Grab all the Candy Canes you can eat
  • December 29th - 'CATCH REINDEER!' - Herd the most wild reindeer off road with a gentle ‘bump'
  • December 30th - 'SHOOT SNOWMEN!' - Tap to blast the most snowmen off the track
  • December 31st - 'P-A-R-T-Y!' - Ring in the New Year and tap to party… until you crash
  • January 1st - 'STAY ON TRACK!' - Race Day! Navigate the mountain track for as long as possible
  • January 2nd - 'COLLECT [C]!' - Grab the most coins while dodging traffic and trains
  • January 3rd - 'CLEAR-UP!' - Snow Plough as much snow(men) away as possible
  • January 4th - 'DO THE MATHS!' - Get back into the working spirit and score the most maths

If you fancy getting involved, you'll find the excellent Dashy Crashy available for download now from the App Store for free. 

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