Dark Souls Remastered: Three solid tips to defend yourself from danger

Dark Souls Remastered: Three solid tips to defend yourself from danger

You can defend yourself in Darks Souls Remaster with more than just rolling

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With a game as challenging as Dark Souls, you will probably die quite a bit. Don't worry though, as you can learn from those deaths and go back at it again. But, aside from unleashing a flurry of attacks, here are a few defense tips for Dark Souls Remastered to help you in the challenging world of Lordran

Dark Souls Remastered came out a little while ago on the Switch and with this year marking the 10th year anniversary of the challenging and iconic series, it has garnered attention once again. As we just mentioned, the game is known for having one difficulty level that is not always easy to conquer.

It's also known for its interconnected world which has become a staple in the series. This means that you can freely run back and forth between levels without loading times. It's pretty similar to an open world in a way but at the same time, quite linear. 

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Defense tip #1 - Balancing Out Your Armor

This can be a very helpful way to keep your health from getting emptied in one or two hits. This isn't guaranteed to make you unstoppable but it can help a little bit and even a small amount can be key for you in Dark Souls Remastered.

Balancing out your armor allows you to handle different types of attacks. From physical or magic and anything else. If you're entering an area that features a lot of poison, then equip some of your best poison resistant gear if you have it.

Also, another thing to keep in mind when balancing things out; you'll need to wear what you can hold. If your gear is too heavy, your character will move much slower and will dodge a lot slower too, leaving you vulnerable. Improving your Endurance rating will allow you to carry more weight but if you don't want to use most of your attribute points on the stat, then just tweak in bits and wear portions of heavy armor instead of the full thing.

Defense tip #2 - Keep Pyromancy in Mind

Ahh, yes, pyromancy, the art of fire. Dark Souls Remastered offers many different types of magic such as spells, miracles, and the aforementioned pyromancy. All of these forms of magic are awesome and effective. However, although using fire is more of an attack move, it can also be defensive as well.

What's good about pyromancy is that it can deal heavy damage to many kinds of enemies, depending on which types you use. Some can even damage small groups of foes. The only enemies that are immune to pyromancies are, of course, flame-based enemies.

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But, for the most part, it's quite effective and there's no special attribute level needed either. It's a popular kind of magic for a reason. It delivers when needed. There are also some really good spells and miracles that can keep you protected as well. If you have a Faith or Intelligence build (or a mix of the two), then these can be quite helpful as well.

Defense tip #3 - Good Shield/Parrying

This is one of those rare two-in-one tips (sounds like a restaurant combo) as you need one to perform the other. So, in Dark Souls Remastered or almost any sword-based game in history, it's a good idea to carry a good shield to defend yourself. This is clear.

However, similarly to what we discussed with armor, some shields require more load management. This will allow you to hold bigger, more powerful shields. However, you can still have a solid shield that's light enough for you to carry. So, if you're hesitant about spending your Souls on just Endurance, then you should be able to roll with a couple of good light shields that are effective.

One thing that smaller shields can do is let you parry enemies. This is by far one of the most popular moves in the world of Dark Souls. You can get into a discussion about the series without the word "parry" being present. It's a highly effective move that deflects the enemy attacks, causing you to give the enemy a great stab and deal tons of damage or possibly kill them in one shot.

The catch with parrying is that; you need to time it right as if you don't, you'll get hit and take damage. Also, this only works for humanoid-type enemies and bosses so you can't do it to everyone and everything (sadly). The last thing of note is that bigger shields do not have the ability to perform parries. So, if you do want to have a bigger, stur

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